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wakidesigns’ predictions 2019:

@wakidesigns’ predictions 2019:

1.More awake as fuck geometries, now with negative seat angles

2. @aarongwin1 to Intense

3. More linkage forks, including single pivots

4. @stevepeat to ride an E-bike, a V10 Supreme

5. Down Country to accepted as Olympic Sport. Riding chicken lines has never felt so elite.

6. More coils and more aluminanynynum

7. @emilybatty1 how do you say to be caught dating @eddiemasters
8. @Martin Maes to take both EWS and WC DH overalls

9. The rise and fall of steel: Specialized to purchase BTR, Sick, Cotic and Stanton.

10. Waki to quit @Pinkbike 😱

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Happy 2019 everybody

Size Small
Head angle 52.5 degrees
Seat Angle -10 degrees
Reach 600mm
Chainstay 550mm
Wheelbase 1512mm
Seat tube 415mm
BB drop 45mm

29+ front 27.5+ rear
130mm rear travel
3 bottle mounts
Pinion 21speed 800%
Crust linkage Fork 160mm Separate HSC MSC LSC, HSR MSR LSR
Integrated dropper 120-250mm