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[VIDEO] Bikes are Awesome, Man! – Gibon’s 2017 season recap

Hi, I’m Michael, everyone calls me Nikifor, and let me tell you a story…



That’s my crew.

We called ourselves The Gibons because of our admiration of nature I guess.

You won’t see us on World Cup races or at Crankworx slopestyle, because, well, being competitive is not our strongest side. To be honest we started whole crew thing because we sucked at racing and rather than have our asses beaten we preferred to have fun, dig trails and travel together whenever we wanted. Just regular guys, with huge passion for biking.
Being in love with guys like The Coastal Crew or Silvia we wanted to record our biking life so we’d have something to remember good times and even though we had no gear or skills, the first Gibon Movie was created.






Its been six years since then and we are proud to present our newest annual season recap video – Gibon Movie 2017
Many things have changed over these years. We grew older, some of us are fathers, some have responsible jobs, some lost hair. But one thing hasn’t changed for sure. We still love to ride, dig and film together, and when we get to escape reality on trails we still behave like bunch of teenagers who skipped class to have fun on their bikes. I don’t think that will ever change.







This year was special though. In summer of 2014 I had a terrible accident. On my first run on Crabapple Hits I went noseheavy and fell so bad I broke my spine and become paralyzed from neck down. After thousands of hours of daily physiotherapy, this year I finally was ready to ride adaptive handbike and get back on trails to shred with my friends.




As great drunkard and poor poet, Charles Bukowski, said: “find what you love and let it kill you”. Well, bikes almost killed me. Funny thing though, they also saved my life. I stayed in the game, editing videos, writing and contributing with some low quality trolling on Pinkbike comment section. And finally getting back on bike, whatever kind it is, was the best thing that happened since the accident and surely kept me sane. And alive.

Probably I should end by saying something wise and inspiring but there is just one thing that comes to my mind.

Bikes are awesome, man!