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Great downhill artworks by Clement Venzi.

We had a quick conversation with 19 years old french artist with artistic nickname: Clement Venezi.
He is a self-taught artist who specializes on downhill artworks. Why? Because he owns a Lapierre DH 527 bike,

so he just combines his two biggest passions: downhill mountainbiking and drawing. There are not many artists along our downhill community, so Clement tries to get famous by drawing downhill art. Since the age of 5 he is addicted to drawing and he got an amazing skills in it. If you look carefully, you can notice light reflections and shadows, what gives an amazing realistic aspect to the drawings. Every drawing is a challange.

„ I compare it to the bike when you have to hit a big jump, you must be really concentrated”

For the Fort William race we’ve made t-shirts in tribute to Stevie Smith. Josh Bryceland, Greorge Brannigan and Greg Minnaar wore those t-shirt for their runs in tribute to Stevie Smith.


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