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VeeTire 2017 Gravity line-up


VEE Tire Co. introduced last season the first Gravity (DH) tire after the development together with the Swiss Downhill Syndicate. The immediate success in the UCI DH World Cup was giving reason to extend and upgrade the activities in the segment of Downhill – Freeride – Enduroriding.


Having all the processes for R&D and manufacturing controlled in house allowed the VEE Tire Co. team to create a fully competitive Gravity tire range.


What is the “Gravity Core” all about?

The Gravity Core casting was designed with the roughest terrain and tracks in mind. The stiff structure of the “Synthesis” sidewalls, combined with the supple but strong APEX protection provides a well damped and comfortable ride. Tubeless ready and DH-World Cup proven, this casing beats them all.

What is the “Gravity Core” meant for?
Rough DH tracks and hardcore Enduro trails are the places where the Gravity Core shows it’s full potential. As it is one of the strongest and most comfortable casings available. The Gravity Core supports the athlete to develop grip where it’s needed and rolling fast in all the other parts of the trail Due to it’s unique folding zone construction it helps to be more predictable, cornering better and provides lots of suppleness over square edge bumps such as roots, rocks or bumps.
With it’s light weight , superb puncher resistance and easy setup abilities, the Gravity Core is a great base for any DH and Enduro style tread pattern.


The Flow Snap – NEW is designed for a variety of different conditions. The Flow Snap is our universal DH and Enduro tire which you can ride on all dry and loose trails.


If the terrain is looser than usual the Flow Snap starts to shine. Very predictable characteristics and controlled grip are the benefits for the rider. The innovative tread pattern allow to stick to the trail and cornering with control, all while maintaining supreme durability.

Riding Style:              Downhill – Enduro – All-Mountain
Conditions:                Dry/Loose – Dry/Hard Packed 
Rubber:                     Tackee
Casing:                      Gravity Core / Enduro Core

The Flow Smasher – NEW is doing his job with pride when conditions get ugly. Then it is the perfect time for the Flow Smasher.

Mud in every form is his preferred element also including very step and loose tracks. The Flow Smasher will help out with predictable and strong breaking performance and exceptional cornering grip. Specially designed cut-lines allow for some tire tuning when the conditions change in between very muddy and dry.

Riding Style:              Downhill – Enduro
Conditions:                MUD – Dry/Loose
Rubber:                     Tackee
Casing:                      Gravity Core

The Flow Rumba (2016) is our first choice when it comes to Bike Park riding or dry hard packed terrain.

Due to its revolutionary tread, the Flow Rumba is one of the fastest Gravity tires in the market. Really low rolling resistance combined with the Tackee compound makes this tire a all around favorite in the market.

Riding Style:              Downhill – Enduro
Conditions:                Dry/Hard Packed – Intermediate
Rubber:                     Tackee
Casing:                      Gravity Core  / Enduro Core