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TRP Slate T4 – How they match up!

Trp Slate T4

We know what you’re thinking right now – what the f*ck are the TRP Slate T4, can I eat it and doesn’t Gwin use those? Well, you’re on the right way – you can’t eat them, Gwin does use TRP, just not the Slate T4, which is TRPs latest trail-brake offering. And just so you know; TRP is the premium version of Tektro.


The Slate T4 brakes uses a four piston set-up and the manufacturer claims it enough for “full on DH.” Swapping out pads is easy thanks to the top-loading design, which is very similar to other brakes offered in this section. This means you can also use Saint or Zee pads without a hassle. And just like for the Saints, the TRP’s run on that sweet, sweet pink stuff we call mineral oil.


Split-hinges ensure super-smooth cockpit installation without needing to remove your grips, which makes it easy to tweak them on the fly if you need to. And just like a dirty chick loves some rider-hose after a day of shredding, this is one hose you’ll want to cut down to keep the cockpit clean. These brakes are pretty much ready to go out of the box, but if you need to bleed them, it’s as easy as with the Shimano’s.

TRP Slate T4

The lever itself is a little beefier than a Shimano lever, but is easily adjustable to your liking, and have quite a range of adjustments.


After bedding in the pads, the Slates provided ample stopping power and are consistent, no matter if your just starting your ride or have already bombed down numerous descents. They’re slightly softer than Guide brakes, but you have to be a real nitpicker to feel that.


Compared to the Shimano’s XT and SRAM’s Guide, the TRP has a real contender with the Slate T4. In terms of ultimate power, they are very close to the Guides, but behind the XTs, but we wouldn’t put these on the top of the list when it comes to DH. However, if you’re looking for a brake switch on your enduro rig, this is a solid choice.


If you’re not convinced, we reached out to Remy Metailler, who has been rocking these brakes for a while now:

“I really like the TRP Slate T4 on my trail bike. Powerful, quiet and reliable they also have a very nice touch when the pads grab the disc. Makes the breaking more precise. The lever is rigid and fits what I like perfectly. It has been great to work with TRP so far. The company already has very performant products at a very attractive price and they want to keep pushing the development to make what’s great even better.”



Flying Frenchie grabs TRP G-Spec stoppers for DH and freeride

26 January – Utah: TRP are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with French freerider Rémy Métailler. Known as the ‘Flying Frenchie’, he brings to the table a level of riding matched by few in the mountain bike world which is sure to prove a valuable asset to TRP.

Métailler will run TRP brakes for the 2017 season, using both the eagerly awaited G-Spec Quadiem on his downhill bike and the new G-Spec Slate on his trail bikes.

Rémy is based in Canada’s much loved MTB mecca Whistler where he has a reputation for being one of the most progressive and innovative riders in the park. A two-time Rampage finalist, he’ll be gunning for a spot well within the top ten this year. During his packed top-level season, Métailler will have plenty of opportunities to get involved in the ongoing R&D of TRP brakes, making similar contributions to those of four-time World Cup champ and TRP rider Aaron Gwin. Alongside the California, the 26-year-old Frenchman will help to develop products based on his experience gained on some of the most diverse tracks, trails and runs around the globe.

Rémy Métailler said: “I am so proud to be working with TRP, the prospect of developing future products is exciting, it’s great to work with a such a progressive and adaptable braking system, it will look so rad on my new bike!”

TRP will be launching the full details on both the G-Spec Quadiem and the G-Spec Slate in the first quarter of 2017 plus Métailler will be unveiling his new bike sponsor in early February so keep your eyes peeled on his social media feeds – packed with some astonishing videos – and on TRP Brakes’ Facebook and Twitter for further exciting news.”


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