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Santa Cruz Syndicate Announces 2017 Team

So after months of speculation (and a lot of right guesses), the Syndicate has finally announced their roster for 2017! Like many of you thought, Luca Shaw and Loris Vergier will be joining legend Greg Minnaar for 2017. And it wouldn’t be the Syndicate if there wasn’t a hilarious video to go along with their announcement.

Check it out below!

Loris Vergier had a hell of a season in 2016, but also a couple of setbacks. However, he cemented his future with a 7th place World Cup finish overall, finishing right behind fellow Frenchy Loic Bruni (who was out for 3 races, but opened the floodgates during the other ones) and finished 2 spots ahead of 2017 teammate Luca Shaw. His best finish: a 6th place in Mont-Saint Anne.

Luca Shaw, just like Vergier, finished inside the Top 10, coming in 9th overall, ahead of veteran riders like Gee Atherton and Brendan Fairclough. His best finish; 5th place in Mont-Saint Anne.

“Luca and Loris are two of the most talented young athletes on the World Cup circuit right now. Having them join the Syndicate marks a whole new era for the team.

I respect the work done by previous teams to bring Luca and Loris to this point in their careers. It’s only been a few weeks, but they’ve already slotted straight into the Syndicate in a way that feels completely natural and positive. It’s going to be great seeing how they evolve from here, both as racers and individuals,” says Syndicate Team Director Rob Roskopp.

Seems like Shaw and Vergier have a lot in common, and with veterans like Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland, there’s no limit to what we might see during the 2017 season.


They fit together so well, we made a little poem:

Loris and Luca

Shreddin’ MTB


First comes race

Then come legend

Then comes the Syndicate with a World Cup Trophy (ok, we suck at poems, sorry…)