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Interview with SteelCity Media !

Today we stopped with Joe for a minute to ask him questions about SteelCityMedia’s plans for upcoming season…

1) Joe, do you make a living from downhill filmmaking? 

Yep, Fortunate enough to be film-making full time with Steel City Media!

2) Do you personaly ride downhill? If so, what bike do you have? 

I definitely haven’t rode enough downhill iver the last few years because I’ve been too busy filming it, but back in the day I used to race quite a bit. I’d love to do some more in the near future and squid my way down some tracks! Currently I have a Santa Cruz V10 covered in Hope Tech parts which is pretty sweet. 

3) Do you make solely videos, or you are a photographer too? 

I stick to film-making as I honestly suck at taking photos haha I leave all that up to @duncanphilpott when we’re out on a project. 

4) What equipment do you use? 

For ‘pans and zooms’ i’m currently using a Sony PXW-X200 camcorder, which does the majority of all world cup shooting and Vital RAW etc… My big camera is a Sony FS5 with an Odyessy 7Q+ bolted on top that gives you a pretty amazing image out of it. I’m not a huge fan of having tonnes of equipment on a shoot, but for 2017 myself and another film-maker @creativeconcept are going to be producing a full length downhill movie, so we’ve been investing in some more equipment such as a Defy cable cam system etc. Look out for more info soon on that film…Exciting times!

5) How did you came up with the idea of metal mondays? It is not usual these days to edit downhill videos with old school metal music 

Like you just said, there’s never any metal or punk style soundtracks to any films these days… so we thought why not bag together some of our favourite/fastest riding clips and stick a loud sound track on it.


6) What are your plans for upcoming season? Are you going to be at World Cups? 

Right now this Downhill film project is going to take up most of the year, so I wont be doing the full World Cup circuit like usual… but hopefully it’ll be worth it!  Expect this film to have an equally loud and fast theme to it.

7) Do you know all the top guys from the WC circuit? 

Over the last few years it’s been cool to get to know all the top guys and girls on the circuit, it’s a pretty cool/small family when out on the road.


8) You’ve met Ken Block in real life. What type of guy is he? 

Ken is a super nice and switched on guy, who welcomed me and peaty to Park City last year.. He genuinely loves all the activities and fun stuff he gets up to and is a savvy businessman to boot.

9) How much time does it take you to edit one episode of Metal Monday? 

Probably not as long as you think! It’s just a case of picking a rider, slapping your favourite clips of him/her in a timeline over a song you’ve already picked out and chopping it up pretty tight and fast. Boom!

10) Why are you so successful in social media? 

haha from being amongst good company I think 🙂 

11) What are yout bets on Downhill World Championship this year? Who would you put your money on? 

There’s wayyyyy too many pinners these days, but I think we’ll see the usual suspects Gwin/Danny/Loic/Minnaar up top, with Connor/Loic/Luca/Lauire/Brook and a bunch of other pinners being capable of taking it on the day too. It should be a rad season after all the team changes this year.


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