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[REVIEW] X-Fusion Revel-X inverted fork – first impressions


This thing just simply blows me away.

The key way system and 20mm axle works extremely well and help avoid the bending you might see on an inverted fork.

You can feel the key, the dual crown system, working between the stanchion and outer tube when you first use it, and it takes a while to get used to the inverted system.

You’ll need 3-5 rides before the system really breaks in.

Comparing both a used and and a new one on a stair test, the used one shines – the key runs smooth and you can really feel the difference between the inverted system and a more regular set up, as the Revel-X works directly with the ground, moving the bike down, rather that up, avoiding a weird bounce-like feeling.

The Revel-X is finished off with a cable guide on the stanchion guard and we attached a hose line guide to check whether this creates interference, but th

is was not the case, not with the cable, not with the tire.


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