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[REVIEW] Unic Wear customizable bike clothes

Unic is a bicycle clothing manufacturer from Andorra. The company was established by  Joonas Kylmäkorpi and Cedric Garcia in 2016. If you are interested in their history you can find more about them here (https://unicwear.com/en/content/who-we-are.html).  Their current offering has a men and women line with fully customizable jerseys, shorts / pants and base layers for colder days.


The manufacturer provided two types of jerseys for the review: long and short sleeved. Both were in extra-large size. The cutting style is pretty slim, so the XL wasn’t calling to mind a tent in the wind in when I was riding in it. The length of the jerseys was very nicely calculated, they covered my back well, even with the kidney pack that I like to wear under the jersey but still they weren’t too long. The material was very nice in touch. Both jerseys had a pocket for lift tickets and a sewn in cloth for cleaning your eyewear. Apart from the length of the sleeves there was one noticeable and very thought through difference: while the long sleeved jersey’s material was the same everywhere, the short sleeved one’s back was sewn of a mesh material. That’s a great idea cause you usually ride short sleeved when it’s hot and an additional venting provided by the mesh is a great solution! One thing that I did not like was the collar. No rubber band was used in it so I had to be careful while taking the jerseys of because my ears and nose had a tendency to hook in the collar 🙁


– good cutting style

– nice material

– attention to details

– back done with mesh for short sleeved option


– I would prefer to have a rubbery collar

Shorts and pants:

I tested shorts and pants. Material used for both was the same (except the part below the knees in the long version), and was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing biking clothes. The feeling was that there were no shorts on me at all! Pretty sweet but scary at first. Both models have two pockets with one of them especially prepared for carrying smartphones and lined with additional foam insert. Both shorts and pants had a good overall fit. I had no problem with them being too tight over my thighs, which is a common thing for me. Unfortunately, when the pants were considered, they had a little bit to narrow legs below the knees. With the combination of pretty burly kneepads and my not so small calves they were just big enough to squeeze into. I’d prefer a little bit more material there to feel a little more comfortable.  Wonder if Cedric uses the standard cutting style or has a special CG beefy calves version 🙂


– very soft yet strong material

– nice touch with phone friendly pocket

– good cutting style (apart the pants)


– pants have to narrow lower legs, especially when burlier kneepads are used

Base layers:

Base layer shirts are designed to help regulate body temperature and body comfort. Unic offers two options for fabric: one for warmer and one for cooler climate. I tested only the version for cooler climate. The fit is very slim, the material nice in touch. While training the base layer was very nicely removing the sweat from me and although I knew I lost a lot of juice the shirt was only damp (not soaked like a few other in this category).  In the customization menu apart from choosing between long and short sleeved you also can personalize the markings and colors just like on the rest of Unic’s wear.


– great fit

– two material climate versions to choose from


– Unic should add a tank top cutting version as well

Overall impressions:

Unic created a very well though up bicycle clothing line. Cedric Garcia’s ideas must have been taken as determinant for sure. Apart from the pretty narrow pant legs (only below the knees) everything else is made with great thoroughness and quality matching the best. And they come in fancy covers 🙂