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[REVIEW] SPANK saddles: Spike 160, Oozy 220, Oozy 280 and Spoon Sniff

Spank has enlarged their offering by releasing saddles that are in line with their current product lineup. We have Spike, Oozy and Spoon saddles to pick from depending on our intentions for riding are. Spank and Oozy models share the same construction and rails, while Spoon is a very different kind of animal.

Spike 160 saddle:

It’s the most downhill oriented saddle. It’s weight is about 260 grams. Its size is 144mm x 265mm. Rails are chromoly steel. As it can be seen from the photos, the Spike saddle has the least cushioning and is the thinnest of the lot. Still it provides ample quantity of  comfort for an Enduro racer. Moreover it has added reinforcing on the impact zones which double as an anti-slip patches. It comes in black as the main color and gray / blue/ red/ green for the underside.

Spike 160

Oozy 220 and 280 saddles:

The oozy saddles share the same base as the Spike 160 saddle which means their size is the same. The main differences are in the amount of cushioning provided. The 220 version has an ample amount of it while the 280 version has more than enough of it. The weights are 280 and 295 grams respectably.  Both have reinforcing and anti-slip patches and they both come in similar color schemes as the Spike saddle.

Oozy 220

All of the afore mentioned saddles have what Spank calls ‘Relief Channel’ that reduces pressure blending all day comfort and performance. Which means that they were designed to not hurt you bottom so much. Which one should you choose? I can’t tell cause everyone has different tastes and different backsides. I did not need the additional cushioning so the Spike 160 model as comfortable enough for me but you should try all three to get the feeling for them.

Oozy 280

The Spoon Sniff saddle:

It’s a typical saddle for dirt jumping, freeriding and slopestyle. Shorter and narrower from the standard saddle size, with 135 x 245 mm of size it guarantees that it won’t catch you shorts. It’s weight is 308 grams of which most is cushioning. Its reinforced with Kevlar on the sides and the top finish is done with a material that gives as much traction as possible.



Spank enlarges it’s offer so a typical rider can find everything for his need. All of the reviewd saddles are manufactured very carefully and should provide lots of continous riding possibilities.