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[REVIEW] Praep ProPilot

Riding bike is an exercise right? So why should a biker exercise apart from riding? Those who ride occasionally and don’t have the need to obtain better results etc. usually omit training bike specific muscles of the body. The others, that want to progress and ride faster choose bike specific training regimes. They usually comprise of kettles, weights and other things that are found in the gym. These things along with a good exercise plan can really improve your body metric in order to ride better. But there aren’t many bike specific training devices on the market that help to get the job done the right way. Praep has just created one.

What is Praep Propilot?

Basically it’s a standard bike handlebar connected to a stand. And this stand makes all the difference. It’s made of some kind of good plastic with rubber in all the places that come in touch with the ground. And it’s designed in a way that allows to choose between the difficulty levels of the exercise. The first – beginner – is pretty straightforward: the handlebar is more or less stable in all of the planes. The second level – advanced – ads the lack of lateral instability to the exercise. The last level – pro – allows the bar to be instable in all of 360 degrees. Moreover in this mode you can attach (thanks to a magnetic sticker that is inside the box) you phone to the propilot stand and use the application provided by the manufacturer.

The exercise:

You know how to do a plank don’t you? It helps your deep muscels to develop which greatly affects your ability to keep the good riding position that is needed to push yourself more during a ride. Well Praep Propilot takes this simple (and unnervingly boring) exercise to a level where it becomes fun and adds some possibilities not available otherwise. You just have to choose the difficulty level and start pumping or planking. The instability of the handlebar ads a lot of hardness to the exercise but also makes the exercise more similar to bike riding. As a plus, in the Pro mode you do your exercises with the help of the ProPilot mobile app which greatly improves the desire to get better either by challenging your mates or trying to beat your own record. Great idea!

The ProPilot app:

The application helps you work out with the use of ProPilot gear. It has four modes: Pump, Ride, Battle and Play.

The first one help you doing pushup either by counting them or counting down from a set number. It also shows (that’s to build in phone accelerometer) the balance between left and right grip.

Ride is the option in which you watch a pre recorded ride and try to ride it as it were you. It’s more than great fun and believe me, although this is a training equipment it gave many people a lot of laughs on a few parties 😊

Battle mode allows you to battle someone online in doing pushups. Nothing to add here.

Play is something similar to Ride but this time we have a typical game where the steering is done by the ProPilot’s inclination. Your riding on an imaginary street with obstacles. Another party blaster!


– great way to work on your deep muscles

– nicely manufactured

– the app makes you train more

– reasonably priced


– troublesome to take to the gym

Overall impressions:

Praep ProPilot is a great exercise tool for bikers. It helps to do the plank in a lot different and more fun ways. With the help of the mobile app this exercise stopped being boring. Moreover, it’s a great party game as well 😊