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[REVIEW] OneUp V2 Dropper Post 210mm

The creation of the first dropper post was done many years ago. Since than there were plenty of changes in their design but more or less the device in itself is the same – it has to go down when its owner wants it to, and it has to go up when the need arises. Did OneUp Components reinvent the wheel with their V2 dropper post? Nope. They just cut of the remaining edges from it.

OneUp engineers where always one (or more) steps ahead of the competition. They must have sat at their office and though: how can we create a better dropper post that anything on the market? Taking into account all the available products, they probably came into the conclusion that there was not much to add to the current offerings. So they did the only other thing they could: they made to post bigger. Who would offer a dropper post with travel of 210 mm, with the option of shortening that travel by 20 mm (in 10mm steps) almost on the fly? No one. So that was what those engineering designed and later produced.


Some technical data:

Out of the box you can see the attention to details that is present on every item manufactured by OneUp factories. The dropper post comes in 4 travel sizes: 120, 150, 180, 210mm. All of them have the option to reduce their travel by 20mm. Diameter options are: 30.9, 31.6, 34,9. Moreover on the producers site there is a detailed sizing chart with every dimension that you should need in order to decide how much travel you frame will allow.

The reviewed version had 210mm travel reduced to 200mm (frame limitations) with the diameter of 31.6mm. It weighted 586 grams without the hose or the remote. As for the remote there are 4 options: Shimano I-spec-EV, I-spec-II, Sram Matchmaker and standard bar clamp (tested). The standard bar clamp weights 48 grams.

Installation of the dropper is standard and it did not create any problems. The dropper has a pressure valve under the seat mount for dialing the speed of its return. What is not standard is the possibility to reduce the travel (if the dropper doesn’t fit your frame but you still want as much travel as possible and you don’t choose the smaller post). The process takes about 2 minutes. You have to unscrew the collar screw at the base of the stanchion, insert the small metal thingies that reduce the travel (3 for 10mm reduction, 6 for 20mm reduction) and screw everything back in place. Done.  Here’s a video how to do it:


The dropper uses an air cartridge for the porpoise of going up and down. If it should fail you can buy the spare one at manufacturers page for 60 US dollars. All other parts are available as well.


Riding impressions:

After installing the dropper I’ve tested it for several months. The conditions during testing were more or less the whole weather palette: sun, rain, snow. Temperatures between 35 to 0 degrees Celsius. I had not encountered any issues while using the dropper. From the service point of view, the manufacturer advices to add some lubricant under the stanchion screw but it takes no more than 2 minutes to do this. I had to do this two times due to the fact that all the grease was gone when I checked. The dropper did not get any more play than it had at the start of the review period. Here’s a vid on lubrication:


– many options to fit all possible frame and rider sizes

– 20mm reduction almost triples the sizing chart ?

– pricewise


– none that I found

Overall impressions:

OneUp took a pretty good product and tuned it a bit more over the other possible alternatives while  maintaining a price that is very competitive. The dropper worked in all conditions for a few months without any problems. That’s what I would like to see in every product that goes through my hands – reviewed or not.