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[REVIEW] OneUp EDC System


One Up Components became known for their parts for adding some extract teeth to the cassettes. And for the EDC Tool System. EDC stand for Every Day Carry. The system may comprise of:

– small multi tool with a chain device added

– additional jabber plug and plier kit

– wheel pump

– top cap – for threaded steerer tubes

– tap – for threading the steerer

– gear strap

EDC multitool:

The heart of the whole EDC system. It and aluminum multitool, an aluminum chain device and a composite container which doubles as a both a tire lever, spoke keys and a quick link storage. All the things that you can find in the tool are:

  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex
  • T25 Torx
  • Tire Lever,
  • Chain Breaker
  • Spare Quick Link Storage
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 0,1,2,3 Spoke Keys
  • Presta Valve Core Tool
  • EDC Top Cap Tool
  • Spare Chainring Bolt
  • Sealed Storage Capsule or 12,16, 20g CO2 Cartridge Storage

The whole tool with the extra container (empty) weights 101 grams. Not bad! It can be stored either in EDC Pump (70cc will only take the multitool without the additional container) while the bigger 100cc version will hold either the extra container or a CO2 capsule. The steerer will take as much as the 100cc pump.

The tool is minimalistic but it does not make in unusable. You probably won’t be able to remove a hard tightened pedals with it but for sure you will be able to screw them in enough so you can continue your ride. The Hex keys are hard and should last for a long time. But while using this system you must think about one thing: it’s a tool created to be used when necessary during a ride, not a tool for standard bike mechanics.

EDC Pump:

The pump is pretty big (100cc) but its due to the fact it can hold the EDC tool + an additional container of a CO2 capsule. The weight of the pump and its mounting is 180 grams. The size of the pump defines its pumping power. And this is very noticeable. In comparison with standard carry on pumps the EDC pump seems to give almost twice as much are in every single stroke whilst weighting less than half more. The only feature which is not present in the pump I the ability to pump an auto (Schrader) valve. But this may be caused by the fact that the piece that is responsible for connecting the pump with the presta valve doubles as an adapter for CO2 capsule. One issue I had was that the EDC Tool was very tight fitting in the pump. If my hands were slippery (sweat, rain) pulling out the tool was very hard. I solved the issue with applying a bit of greasy onto the EDC Tool’s rubber seal. This issue will probably disappear after long use. On the other hand, you know that the tool will not get out of the pump by itself.

EDC Plug & Pliers Kit

It’s a simple kit that helps you plug a hole in your tire during a ride. The pliers are used for decoupling the chain. Not much to add here. The set weights about 25 grams. You get 15 bacon strips and each of them can be used to plug a hole in the tire. Here’s a video from OneUp showing how to use it:

I had the necessity to use the plug kit. Although I did not do it in the same lightning time as in the video above, the repair was done pretty quick.

EDC Gear strap:

“A stretch polyurethane strap with tail clip” – One Up site says. And its correct. I have nothing to add. It’s nice in touch and should not scratch you frame. The length 355mm per strap. You get two of them in a packet. Useful for attaching tubes to the frame and every other thing you may want too (rain cover, energy bars!).

EDC Top Cap:

The EDC Top Cap is necessary when you want to use the One Up stem along with the EDC Tool. It’s a set of parts that lets you adapt the stem to the tool carrying function and has a feature of being able to tighten the headset (when you put the EDC tool into the steerer you have to say bye bye to the top cap star). Again the manufacturing is at its best and the whole system works great but you have to strictly follow the instructions from One Ups website.

EDC Tap:

The EDC Tap is the tool needed to install the Top Cap. It comprises of star nut puller, threading tap and a guide. The procedure of threading the steerer tube is available on OneUp’s site.


I chose to store the EDC Tool inside the pump which was installed under the water bottle cage. Why? I’m not a pro, I sometimes need to use the pump and I prefer to move as much weight as I can to the bottom and near the center of the bike. The EDC Pump, equipped with the EDC Tool and Plug / Pliers Kit weights 313 grams (including the pump mounting). It’s not a very big weight penalty for your bike but still if you choose to leave the pump you get more than 160 grams of saving when installing the tool in the steerer.

So how the System works? Flawlessly. Everything is very well machined, there is no play within the system. No rattle nor any other sounds. The tool itself is big enough to help you with all the quick fixes that should happen during a ride. I chose to leave out the Pliers and exchange them for a 8mm flat ring wrench which I need to unscrew the tubeless valves in my wheels.


– light

– well machined

– easy to use

– well thought out

– relatively cheap – taking into account the weight / usability to price ratio


– maybe change the chain pliers into standard ones – far more better usability (you can also take the chain off using the tool)

– very tight fitting when inserted into the pump


The EDC System is a perfect addition for a biker that does not want to wear a backpack full of tools. Even if the tools weight a little you still have to carry them on your arms and with long descents the weight gets very noticeable. Of course you could buy a kidney bag but it the tools would take up space (especially the pump) and put more weight on you. With the EDC tool you can pack other things in your kidney bag and let the tools be always with the bike. That way you won’t forget them 🙂