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[REVIEW] O’Neal Trailfinder helmet

O’Neal Trailfinder helmet is one of many helmets in the producers offer. This model is designed with trail riding in mind (as the name suggests ? ). It seems a typical half lid with many vents and some pretty nice features. Let’s check it out!

First impressions:

The helmet arrives packages in a standard box. Inside there’s the helmet and … nothing else? Not extra pads, zip. After checking out the helmet the issue is solved. The helmet has a adjusting system that does not need you to try different sized pads in order to get the best fit. The lining is easily detachable for washing and has a thickness of 9mm for S and M sizes and 6mm for L and XL ones. This helmet is not equipped with MIPS or other similar systems which makes it more price wise without sacrificing the protective properties. The helmet is kept in place with a strap that incorporates the magnetic Fidlock buckle. My favorite, one hand clamping and unclamping. The visor is adjustable (3 positions) and detachable which means if you break it, you can buy new one – not like with some other market offerings… On the back of helmet you will find an area that is very rough in order to keep the google strap in place. There are 12 vents in the helmet which makes it a very well ventilated head protector.

The Trailfinder helmet comes in 5 different color options: gray, lime, red, teal or black top lid with a black lower part. The helmet weights 348 grams for size M and costs 80 Euro. As for everything in O’neals offer, you can buy spare parts for it as well: a spare visor and a spare lining is available. As for protection in numbers, the producer announces “Exceeds EN1078 and CPSC safety standard for bicycle Helmets”.

Riding impressions:

Put on, adjust and forget helmet. Usually I am conscious about having a helmet on me and when taking a break I always take the lid off. While riding the Trailfinder I found myself surprised by the fact that I did not take it off as often as I am used to. I think it’s a good thing ? While riding the helmet stays put all the time. There is no issue of the helmet being all around one’s head. As already mentioned, the visor can be set up in three different height options. The lowest one in my opinion was slightly to low and obscured my line of sight, but the other two were ok.

One thing I found not very comforting was the helmet’s cooperation with googles. When I put some more burlier googles (some rimless MX ones that I use with my downhill helmet) I had a problem in fitting them between my nose and to helmet. Either my nose was clamped down or the helmet was slid a little bit to the back of my head. After changing for some other, smaller googles the problems vanished. I advise taking into account that fact if you are looking for a new trail helmet. But for real, who rides trails in googles? 🙂


– Fidlock magnetic buckle

– can be quickly adjusted with one hand

– comfortable and well ventilated


– no white color version

– not much room for burlier googles

Overall impressions:

O’Neal Trailfinder helmet is a solid, price wise option for those looking for a good trail helmet that will be comfortable on all day rides. And has the Fidlock buckle!