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[REVIEW] One Up Bash Guide ISCG05 V2


The Bash Guide V2 from One Up is a revised version of their chain guide from the past. They added the possibility of adjusting (left / right) the cage without the need to unscrew the whole guide / bash arm from the ISCG mount. Also, the cage can slid open in order to remove the chain. Very nice and needed additions. As for the manufacturing its on the level that OneUp uses everywhere in their products: superb. Everything is machined perfectly, all the crews, holes etc. match perfectly. Along with the guide you get 3 bash versions – each for different sizes of the chainring you might use. Moreover the package also contains a few spacers for the chain guide cage so you can adjust the cage mounting position according to the chainring. For those who like colors, they can order an additional cage in a chosen color: red, orange, blue, green, purple, turquoise. My scales showed 95 grams for the guide with medium sized bash. Very good score. I did not weight the 3 screws that are used to install the guide to the frame.


Easy installation and even easier setup with the chainring thanks to the cage spacers – it’s the first time that I did not have to remount the guide from the ISCG mounting in order to add spacers under the chain device to have the chain guide placed ideally upon the chainring. As for the lower / higher setup: the screw that lets you do that is approachable from the inside of the cage – you slid the cage open, set the height and you’re done. Installation of the bash for different chain ring size is also very easy – not problems here.

Riding impressions:

What are the requirements that make a chain guide / bash a good device? First of all it has to keep the chain in line with the chainring under all circumstances. Moreover, while doing that the chain guide should be as quiet as possible – nobody likes rattling noises coming from their bike. Another thing is the bash – it should be burly enough to deflect stones and its mounting should be rigid that if you happened to hang yourself on a lying three / rock it should hold up.  It should also be as easy to install as one can possibly dream about. All of these requirements are matched when the Bash Guide V2 is concerned. It works fine, it’s quiet.


– light

– easy to install and set up

– quiet

– many color options

– multiple bash sizes for different chainrings


– color options for additional price (although 5 $ isn’t much)



Simple, light and quiet. My chain did not get off the chainring no matter what I did with the bike so the chain guide does it’s job 🙂