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[REVIEW] Milkit Valve System

Milkit Valve System

By now you probably heard of Milkit. If not you can take a look at a review of their Tubeless Booster. The Milkit Valve System is a set of parts that lets you make a move to tubeless wheels easier. The set consists of valves, a measuring / refilling syringe and tubes needed for the latter. Additionally you can buy some tubeless milk from Milkit – reviewed here as well.

The valves

Everybody knows how presta valves look like. What can be done differently? Milkit has an answer. They took standard valves and added a very useful feature: the managed to stop the milk from getting back into the valve and blocking it after a few weeks of use. How did they do it? Very simple: they added a one-way openable rubber shield from the inside of the tire and a additional plastic piston connected to the valve core which is responsible for opening and closing the shield. Sounds complicated? Sure it does. But the execution is anything but complicated. In the pictures below you can see the rubber shield in both: opened and closed positions.

Whether the valve core is closed or fully open the piston does not open the rubber shield. It only goes down deep enough when you press the valve core down from the open position – just like when you are pumping air into the tire. The price of valves sold separately depends on the lengths of the valves which are: 35, 55 and 75 mm and starts from about 25 Euro.

The syringe

The syringe also doubles as a pretty clever container which can hold up: up to two valves and all the tubing for measurement / refilling of the milk in a tubeless system. Here is the video of the way it is intended to be used:

From my side as the user I really cannot add much. The idea works, the manufacturing of the parts is great. It’s a pretty useful especially if you are changing tires after a few rides (wet to dry etc) and you do not know what to do with the almost fresh milk – you can suck it up from the tire before taking it off. The whole process of changing / sucking up the milk is as easy as shown in the video. The result is that there is a smaller chance in making a mess all around. The price of the Valve System containing 2 valves, 1 syringe and piping is about 40 Euro depending on the valve lengths.


Tubeless Sealant:

When it comes to the tubeless sealant there is nothing I can point as a flaw. It does not contain ammonia, seals punctures as good as any other tubeless milk and stays liquid for an adequate period of time. Nothing new here but still there are ways to mess even a simple product. Milkit did not do that and are consistent in providing high quality products.



– easy to use

– mess free

– new idea concerning the valve core clogging




– it’s not exactly cheap



Although the Milkit Valve System is a little bit pricey you get your money’s worth. With the added helpfulness of their Tubeless Booster you can come by a very easy to use and clean system for servicing you own tubeless wheels.