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Radon sign Descent World as UK team

Press release:

“Like a Phoenix from the ashes, or that smelly turd that just won’t flush, the Descent-World team are back for 2019 against all all odds. Having pursued some odd interests over winter, the team have regrouped with aplomb.

With a new deal from the crazy and incredible Germans at Radon bikes and ably supported by control masters Funn and the beautiful Industry Nine inventory , the eclectic triumvirate of Scottish Enduro Champion Louise Ferguson, Geordie legend Skinny Mick Easton and the Deep Summer winning, One Armed Bandit, Tommy Wilkinson return for a craic at breaking into the major leagues of cycling.
A host of technical partners have joined the party, with Dakine providing riding attire, Sweet protection the skid lids, while Kingud will ensure the bikes are kept showroom clean in an eco friendly manner and lastly Granite design providing stands, tool rolls and bar stash’s.
Keep an eye out through the year for racing at the Scottish Enduro series, Megavalanche, Crankworx, Ard Rock, The Naughty Northumbrian, adventures and most likely a few crashes going by this video…..”