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[PRESS RELEASE] – Flow Snap For Aggresive Enduro Riding on Taipei Show 2017

Flow Snap For Aggresive Enduro Riding

Vee Tire Co as high end bicycle tire company has vision for plus size tire for next generation mountain biking. Plus size has benefits for more traction as wider contact point to ground and more volume air means more comfort in rough terrain.

In 2015, Vee Tire Co pushed boundaries with Trax Fatty 27.5×3.25 fitted to All Mountainbike. In recent years, plus size become bicycle industry mantra with some improvements with lighter weight, aggressive pattern and more mud clearance to rear triangle.

For Taipei Cycle Show 2017, Vee Tire Co launches new line up named as Flow Snap in 27.5×2.6 and 29×2.6 for new generation rider who seek for longer suspension travel, evolved geometry and slacker head angle. You can see at enduro event, some riders prefer to ride with 29 enduro bike for ultimate stability.

As Flow Snap is designed for gravity riding then maximum traction on high list with new design knob to compromise good rolling resistence in center section and excellent grip in shoulder section.

The result is riders can push their riding skill further as Flow Snap offers more traction during cornering with more lean angle can be accomplished. Soon, we will offer this model with same size in enduro core with tackee compound (51a in center and 48a in shoulders).

27.5×2.6 size
29×2.6 size











Avaible size: 27.5×2.6 and 29×2.6
Recomended rim width: 40-45mm
Durometer: Silica compounds, 66a
TPI: 120
Wall options: Two Ply Construction, also suitable for E Plus bike
Intended use: Trail Riding