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[PLEASE SHARE!] Box Components Robbed of Drivetrain Samples

In what appears to be a highly organized and well thought out robbery, several individuals broke into Box Component’s warehouse at approximately 1:00AM PST and stole various goods estimated to be worth in excess of $100,000. Among the items taken include the bulk of the company’s pre-production samples for the Box One Drivetrain. Surveillance camera footage obtained from a neighboring business shows as many as five individuals using two vehicles during the course of the robbery. The perpetrators managed to gain entry by cutting a hole through the warehouse door and spent up to an hour inside the building while committing the crime. The building was secured with an active alarm system but the thieves were able to avoid detection due to a faulty sensor.



The list of items taken includes the following:
– Box One PushPush Shifters
– Box One Rear Derailleurs
– Box Two Cassettes
– Box Vector Mini Cranks
– Box Bike Stands


Box Components President Toby Henderson remarked the timing of the robbery was highly suspicious, given the recent arrival of the company’s drivetrain samples and the selective nature of the goods stolen.

Box Components is asking the cycling community to spread the word and please report any suspicious activity regarding any of the items listed above to the proper authorities. Please share any information that may lead to the apprehension and arrest of the perpetrators immediately with the Anaheim Police Department at 714.765.1900.

For more information, please contact:
Box Components
888 279-9691
1580 North Orangethorpe Way
Anaheim, CA 92801


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