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Rob Warner vs. Rally Car


Once upon a time, before Top Gear nicked the segment format, You Bet! pitted a lycra clad Rob Warner against rally driver Malcolm Wilson. Much as we’d like to see an update using a UCI Downhill World Cup track, those rally drivers do tend to skid a bit, don’t they? …

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How To Whip Like A Pro | Mountain BIke Skills

Danny Hart got his mega whip on this afternoon in timed runs. The kid is a showman, and fast as hell. He has a big future ahead of him!

Got jumps sorted? It’s time to move things forward by adding some style. We reckon that the best way to get started with this is by learning how to whip. Whips are best practiced on hip jumps and, bigger jumps mean bigger whips. We’ve covered a bunch of other jumping …

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Red Bull Zjazd na Krechę- Trasy wyścigu


Red Bull Zjazd na Krechę to poważna rywalizacja, w której odpowiednie przygotowanie odgrywa kluczową rolę. Oprócz smarowania sprzętu i doboru fikuśnego wdzianka, ważne jest również dobre rozpoznanie trasy przejazdu. Pomimo przysłowiowej “kreski” w nazwie rywalizacji, linia między startem a metą pełna jest zakrętów i szykan. W najbliższy weekend w Jurgowie rusza …

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Down Hill Urbano in Manizales 2016


Once again in 2016 Colombian DH rider Marcelo Gutierrez takes podium with the first competition of the year in his home town. Ride along with Gutierrez as he takes to the streets of Manizales for a high speed decent through some sketchy street-side obstacles.  

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MDE Carve Allmountain 6 on BOS


  Great enduro bike, I love hao it ride on uphill thanks to I-Link designed by Federico Biora (owner of MDE Bikes) and I love how it rodes downhill thanks to BOS suspension. Earlier I had couple quite good schocks and it wasn’t so good. Do it all bike – …

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Nukeproof scalp 2012r + Marzocchi 888 vf2 2006r


Rama: Nukeproof scalp 2012r Widelec: Marzocchi 888 vf2 2006r 200mm Damper: FOX DHX5 Sprężyna: 450lbs FOX Shox Kierownica: Spank spike evo 777 Mostek: BOP Sloperide Gripy: ODI Rogue Barendy: ODI Stery: FSA Siodło: Noname Sztyca: BBB Skyscraper Zacisk: Noname Korby: Shimano zee Support: Shimano Zębatka: Shimano zee Łańcuch: Sram Pedały: …

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Ironhorse Sunday Factory 2009

Hey! This is my 09 Sunday, lightened, custom painted and built. I changed the BoXXeR to a Shiver later. 16.2kg 🙂 My favourite bike, them horsey. Miss the company :I

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