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2017 Team Rumours!

 We’ve all seen a poem that successfully predicted Manon Carpenter’s Big announcement, but what else we can predict? We’re all eager about upcoming 2017 season and another great season of World Cup racing, but if the rumours are true, we are going to see a lot of interesting transfers in upcoming …

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The MTB Insights Series offers a unique, Ultra HD view into mountain biking today. Looking at each aspect of the sport, this series is for enthusiasts and experts alike. Each episode takes an in-depth look at the culture, evolution and champions of one of the fastest growing extreme sports in …

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“Power of mind” by Szymon Godziek

Power of Mind

He comes from a little town, but with some serious skills in his back pocket, he’s been conquering the freestyle MTB world step by step. What did his 2016 season look like? What is “power of mind” exactly? Szymon digs into all of this in his new series, which is online now. …

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Trail Sabotage !!

Trail sabotage or attempted murder? A legitimate question, going by what we can see in this picture shared by Twelve50 Bikes. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of thing, but the stakes are certainly higher this time around! (all the puns, all the puns). Sadly enough, it …

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Colorful ride by Ludo May – backstage

Do you remember Colorful Ride by Ludo May? We got in touch with Ludo and got great backstage photos by Noco Falquet. We’ve got few words from Ludo too!       Ludo is ridding Canon Strive. Ludo’s Movie

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