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Santa Cruz V10 Grows Up

It’s true. There’s a 29er V10, and the Syndicate will be racing it this weekend at Lourdes. Although the move to 29-inch wheels has been riling comments sections and forums for months (#26isdefinitelydeadnow), the writing’s on the wall. Tracks are faster, times are tighter, and eking another second out of …

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In co-production with XTreme Video and Masters Of Dirt, this adrenaline fueled series will be broadcasted exclusively on INSIGHT TV this Saturday April 22nd and will be also available worldwide On demand for mobile, tablet, computer and SmartTV on Insight.Tv :     More about the series: Inside the Masters Of Dirt promises to be …

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Formula’s All-New Linea-G Gravity Wheels

Formula’s All-New Linea-G Gravity Wheels Apr 19, 2017 by Ride Formula The fastest line is one without compromises. If you have to corner at high speed or if you have to land on a rock after a jump, you have no choice, you have to do it. Linea G are …

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