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Our take on new NS Fuzz 650B.


We were happy to hear that we are going to have new Fuzz for a test. It was more the happiness about testing new style of 27.5” wheel, than the Fuzz Itself. Our regular downhill bikes tester is still injured, so we tested the bike with our friends from Gravity Revolt. We decided it is a good move, because, at the end: the test is going to be objective. Why? Because Gravity Revolt usually ride on Treks 9.9 carbon, Demo Carbon and other high-end dh rigs. It is going to be quite interesting because its their first test of 650B bike.6

We were eager to get shipment from 7-anna to our door. Finally it arrived on Monday’s afternoon! Package as any regular package. Bike was disassembled so we had to mount everything in right places. Last thing to do was to fix the seat in seat post and Voilà the bike is ready! NS FUZZ 1 650B – high end downhill rig from NS. First impressions? Huuuge!!!  The lucky guys at Gravity Revolt who saw that bike thought exactly the same: It’s beautiful ! Ns bikes product designers did a great job here. Vivid last year’s colours got softened and the overall visual impression is now much better. The main black mat is well composed with lemon ns logos. NS Rims share the same design theme so the composition of black and lemon. Great addition is a pair of lemon spokes in each of the wheels. In simple words: Design dynamite! From Tech side: Even though It is the highest model of NS FUZZ, you still get quite weird mixes like:

– X5 shifter with x9 derailleur

-Vivid r2c2 at back with Marzocchi 380r2c3 in the front.

-Mozzart chain guide with quite average Descendant cranks.

fuzz4The rest of parts is 7-anna’s parts: NS Rotary 650B wheels with qr20 hub at front and 157mm rear hub, NS Evidence 800mm handlebar with NS DM 40/48mm stem. The full tech spec is available at the bottom of this article.  You can forgive these weird mixes, because they work together quite well. First remark I should make is that, the drivetrain works very precisely and quietly. X9 derailleur with clutch is really doing it’s job. When I tried to fit the bike to me, I thought it is so big, because 7anna made a mistake and sent me L size instead of M. Quick look at the frame ensured me that, it really is M size. The 1230mm wheel base and 440mm reach at 63.5 head angle  seemed to us as something sketchy, but it was just a clash with reality. A new 27.5 inch reality. 650B bikes must be longer. It has its pros and cons, but it is something for later part of this text. Before first ride we decided to check if the NS was true about Fuzz’s weight.  For weight test we used attested bike scale from Park Tool. It was exactly as NS stated: 17.7kG. Is it much or not? If you look at the other bike present in the garage that day: carbon 9.9 (14.95 kg), then 17.7 is much, but let’s assume that, 17.7 is an acceptable weight and it is close to its class competitors.  Weight geeks can have their room for manoeuvre here.  Finally it was time for 1st rollout and berm near GravityShop. Again, I felt that the bike is waaay to big and it is simply to big for me. Unfortunately, 650B wheels in conditions like these, do not work well, thus slow, tight berms are not the domain of 650b wheels. After few hours, you can get used to the feeling and handling of 650B. We drove to Koninki Gravity Park, to check this bike on real downhill trails. There are rumours that, bigger wheels can give you advantage on fast downhill tracks. Jarosław Szubrytt, young talented rider from Gravity Revolt, made first few laps with Fuzz. At first he was sceptical about the bike, but after few rides down, he could only say “ great!” It turned out that, on rocks and roots the bigger wheel gives you advantage and it is a gain in performance, you can really feel. For next few laps, Fuzz was ridden by Mateusz Smoter.

fuzz5Even though, the 650B is less manoeuvrable in thigh sections, Mateusz said that, overall the bike is quicker. He also claimed that, he felt slight kick-back from the 4 bar suspension, but the bike did not pump. Both riders agreed: the bike accelerates worse. The biggest drawback of this bike is Marzocchi 380 C2R2. Gravity Revolt had few Rc3s ( so the current r2c2 model), and their “sectional travel” characteristics lowers the overall score of this bike. We think, that, the stanchions are not fitted correctly, maybe it is something with tolerances…. After few weeks of ridding you could already notice that, the anode on upper stanchions is disappearing. This year the teflon layer is called “espresso”. We think the name perfectly fits the wiping behaviour. The stem and handlebar are a great match. 800mm of width for test rider who is 175cm tall was okay, however for polish trails, 780mm would be just perfect. The suspension is a classical 4 bar setup, which is great at eating small bumps, but it also doesn’t bottom out at big drops. The spring is 350 LBS,which was okay for  72 and 74 kg test riders. Both riders had an opinion that, S size would be a better match for a 175cm rider. The rear triangle offers two CS sizes: 447mm and 432mm. At 432mm, the wheelbase shortens to 1216mm, and thus the bike gains in the  area of maneuverability Few words about the geometry: The head angle is 63.5* which we think is just perfect for polish reality. We should also mention the rest of the components of bike. The seat and seat post from octane one which are a good match when it comes to colours, are also all right. We are glad, Fuzz is equipped with Mozartt Presto chain guide, as we always support polish domestic products. The quality of chain guide is as good as these from other makes.  The KMC black chain is quite stylish too! The Avid Code R’s which are a cheaper version which offer less adjustments, for example pad contact, have enough modulation and braking force when combined with 203 mm brake discs.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 08.45.50Rear wheel travel 203mm
Reach 440mm
Stack 605mm
Front center 785mm
Effective top tube 615mm
Seat tube height 400mm
Chain stay 447/432
Bottom bracket drop +2mm
Head tube angle 63.5°
Effective seat tube angle 73°
Wheelbase 1 230mm/1216mm
Bike weight 18.4 kg w/o pedal

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 08.46.09Summary:

The  biggest and only one negative side of Fuzz is mentioned earlier 380’s. Before the test, we heard a lot of opinions about NS Fuzz: it doesn’t corner well, it poorly accelerates, but… BANG ! We got a nice surprise. It is a great construction, which also looks neat.  The nice thing about bike is it’s quietness on trails. It is achieved by very quiet drivetrain, and great Schawlbe Magic Marry 2.35 tires. NS Fuzz in 1 and 2 versions have the chance to become a bestseller in Poland and abroad. It is a nice bike in a reasonable price, which makes Fuzz number one  made-in-poland downhill bike.


fuzz2Mateusz Smoter’s opinion:

I am astonished by new NS product. The Vivid r2c2 is doing its job very well, and it was a nice surprise. The quiet drivetrain was also very nice. Because of 650B wheels, the bike  has worse acceleration, but it is much more stable at high speeds, and it has a great ability of carrying the speed through technical section. I am amazed by new 650B standard.