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NINJA MOUNT: The new Action Cam mount specifically designed for fullface helmets

“NINJA MOUNT” has kicked off a Kickstarter project, which is specifically aimed at downhill, motocross and quad riders who want to fit their action cam perfectly to the fullface helmet. With NINJA MOUNT it is possible to attach the action cam under the visor of the helmet without using an adhesive pad.



NINJA MOUNT has not been developed by a big company, but mechanical engineering engineer Daniel Blank from near Munich. The 32-year-old works in the automotive industry on the development of plastic components. In his spare time, he passionately rides downhill and so he came up with the idea for the product. During a six-month injury pause he worked out the concept with a 3D printer. The prototypes were optimized in accordance with test drivers, until the results were convincing. In order to finance the production of NINJA MOUNT by injection molding process, the project uses the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
NINJA MOUNT was filed as a patent.







What distinguishes NINJA MOUNT from existing mounts?

The mounts which are already on the market have several disadvantages:

  1. If the camera is attached to the top of the helmet using an adhesive pad, the visor of the helmet is always visible in the camera.
  2. To attach the camera to the helmet, significantly reduces the style of a driver.
  3. Mounted on the top of the helmet, the camera is not protected from dirt or impact by falls or branches.
  4. The center of gravity is very high (when mounting on the helmet) or is front-loaded (if the camera is glued under the visor by means of an adhesive pad)
  5. All solutions with adhesive pad can not be completely removed again


NINJA MOUNT solves these problems by using the screw thread that most fullface helmets have under the visor. NINJA MOUNT consists of two main parts:

  • a special adapter that is screwed onto the screw thread of the visor
  • a pivot arm, which thanks to its curved shape allows an optimal attachment of the action cam


The result: The action cam has trouble-free camera perspective, fits discreetly under the visor, is comfortable to wear and can be aligned according to the wishes of the rider.
For helmets which, like the ONEAL models, do not have a central screw thread under the visor, the special pivot arm can still be used. To do this, use a standard mounting buckle and an adhesive pad. This also makes it possible to mount the action cam under the visor and enables perfect viewing direction.
A list of all features, compatible helmets and cameras as well as the background to the project can be found at www.ninja-mount.com.
The Kickstarter campaign runs from 20.01.2017 to 12.02.2017. When the financing target of € 20,000 is reached, NINJA MOUNT can be produced in series. All supporters will receive a copy for 17 € including international shipping.


Link Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1017081648/ninja-mount-the-action-cam-mount-for-fullface-helm