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Nine Knights Dailies
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[VIDEO] Nine Knights Dailies

Nine Knights is a MTB event unlike any other. With a course designed by Balzamico Trail Design and built by Sam Reynolds and Clemens Kaudela, it’s a week filled with world’s firsts (which we can’t show you just yet), bangers and good times! We’re onsite to provide you with Nine Knights Dailies filled with bangers, so check out the videos below (the newest one will always be the first video)…

9.9 No beautyshots, just bangers!

Unfortunately, the contest on Saturday was cancelled due to some seriously crappy weather, so we just had to throw this banger edit together for you guys! It’s time to look for the backflip quint barspin that Emil Johansson threw this week at Nine Knights (and that wasn’t the only World’s First he threw this week).

8.9 Deathstares and Coffee

An epic sunrise session that started just after 06:00 in the morning saw athletes throw down on the Suzuki Kicker with the amazing scenery of the Reschenpass in front of them. Superman’s, backflips, superman one handers…the riders absolutely smashed it before moving onto the main event of the day, the infamous Nine Knights Contest.

While we can’t show you a few of the absolutely world-smashing bangers that were thrown down during the contest, we hope the sunrise sesh and the huge boosts from Sam Reynolds and Bienvenido Aguado make up for it. Oh, and there’s Nicholi’s Twister on a DH bike as well…just if you’re wondering.

7.9 I’m Beyond Stoked

Clemens Kaudela sent it huge on the big Bertha, Adolf Silva nailed the backflip on the same jump and was within inches of landing the double back there once again. The Focus and Uvex jump were occupied all day by the likes of Diego Caversazi, Emil Johansson and Bienvenido Aguado, who all smashed it.

Oh and can we all just have a moment of silence for that massive Tsunami Flip by Nico Scholze? That was awesome…

6.9. Just Juice This Morning

Good times are guaranteed when you throw Geoff Gulevich into the mix. We swear, this guy could make the most boring book sound awesome. Still slightly rocking from the night before, Gullie threw down some massive tables to kick off our first day at Nine Knights!

5.9 Travel Day