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milKit Booster – easy pressure

Ever found yourself on the side of the trail with “milk” running out of your tire after a puncture without a CO2 cartridge to pump your tires back up and get them seated? That’s about to be a thing of the past thanks to the milKit Booster, from the guys who brought you the milKit valve system, used by downhill and enduro racing teams around the world. 

If you don’t have a compressor handy, inflating tubeless tires can be a nightmare. And let’s be honest, who carries a compressor with them on the trail? CO2 cartridges can only do so much, and you usually only carry one or two with you on the trail.

“Two years ago, with the milKit valve system, we started our mission to make tubeless easy, and our mission has not changed. The successful launch of the milKit valve system (see campaign) and the many motivating compliments we received for our first product and its design encouraged us to keep developing the products that improve and simplify the tubeless experience for cyclists. Talking to mechanics and tubeless riders we often heard: “This milKit system is awesome but can’t you also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor?”

“With milKit booster we want to bring you a simple, effective and inexpensive solution to get tubeless tires inflated. Let’s make tubeless easy!”

The process aims to be as simple as possible; inflate the bottle to 160psi, attach it to your valve, and let the pressure loose! MilKit claims that it will even set tires as large as 29″.

Check out their website here, and make sure to hit them up on Kickstarter if you want to get the Booster as fast as possible and save some money while you’re at it (shipping expected in February 2018).