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Magura shows limited edition chrome 125th anniversary brakes

this chrome and black limited edition MT1893 brakeset. It represents the culmination of four generations in the business and countless iterations to their hydraulic mountain bike brake designs. But that’s not all…inside the press release were a few gems showing upcoming products and future plans.

limited edition 125th anniversary magura mt1893 mountain bike brakes

The MT1893 brakes get all of Magura’s tech, including the massively adjustable HC3 levers designed for Danny MacAskill. The master cylinders are engraved with the founding year, and the set comes packaged in a special wooden box. Retail is $599, available June 7, 2018.

Magura says model year 2019 is all about taking their existing product line and refining and optimizing it for “Enhanced Performance”. What that means for the internals remains to be seen, but there are a couple of external design changes and upgrades being shown.

Above, the new Flat Mount versions of the MT8 SL ($285/wheel) and MT4 ($115/wheel). They hint that new race mountain bikes will be spec’ing the flat mount standard, so they’re ready with two options. They’ll be compatible with up to a 180mm rotor and use the same pads as their standard mount calipers. Available July 1, 2018.

Speaking of refinements, for the upgrader that has everything there’s the Magura HC carbon brake lever. It’s made of woven carbon fiber in a method they call CarboTex, which results in an extremely light yet strong construction. The single-finger shape is 10mm shorter than the standard 2-finger lever, but has 25mm of tooled reach adjustment. All in, they come in at a claimed 12g per lever, or 26g lighter than a pair of alloy levers, but retail for a whopping $125 per side. Available later this year.