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Loic Bruni loose laps in Spain

Durability, Versatility or Mobility? While decimating downhill runs in Spain, Loic selected the Defend kit and the all new Rampage Pro Carbon helmet. Fusing durability and stretch, it’s the perfect gear for getting into – or out of – all kinds of trouble. Like Loic, you can mix and match our purpose-built collections to create a kit for your ride.


“Riding in a kit this comfortable will make your day. I love the blend of durability, stretch and ventilation. Plus, red sure makes you look fast.”– Loic Bruni – UCI DH World Champion

Well said, Loic. We couldn’t agree more. Red can make you look fast standing still. And, in our totally-nonscientific opinion, will cut at least a few hundredths off your time.

It may have been hard to see, but that red blur in the video was the all-new Defend jersey and pants. Defend, as in defending you and the garment from abrasion and trail-related wear and tear. In our arsenal of mountain bike apparel, it’s the go-to for the perfect balance of durability and comfort. All thanks to the abrasion-resistant fabric, strategic stretch zones, and smart venting.