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Limited Edition MT7 Danny MacAskill Signatureline disc brake

Magura unveils Limited Edition MT7 Danny MacAskill Signatureline disc brake. Want to stop just like Danny MacAskill?


Ok, even his signature brakes won’t allow you to do that, but they will allow you to get on the latest tech from Magura. During a recent interview, Danny told us a few of braking related issues that he runs into that normal humans would never experience. Because of that, he’s worked with Magura to develop his perfect brake – MT7 power with a lever that provides the level of control he’s looking for.



And now that Magura is bringing over even more technology from the moto side, the new HC3 lever looks better than ever – plus there’s a new Danny Mac video after the break…

Magura MacAskill mt7
Photos c. Magura
In addition to the Raceline Yellow paint on the four piston caliper and Danny MacAskill signature graphics on the lever body, the lever blade is the point of interest here. Borrowing the HC3 technology from their motorcycle levers, it’s now available for the first time on a mountain bike. Magura says the HC3 design allows for users to choose between three different positions for the end of the lever blade which change the mechanical leverage ratio. This means the user can dial in the amount of braking force required to come to a complete stop and the lever retains the single finger design of their new single finger HC lever without HC3.


Looking quite burly, the segmented lever is a hollow aluminum construction that is mated to the current Carbotecture SL body. Total weight is said to be 375g per brake, and each set will come in a special aluminum gift box with two extra sets of 8.R brake pads in the box (8.P brake pads will be installed in the calipers). Pricing is set at $699.95 for the set, and with dealers limited to 2 sets each, these won’t last long!