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[INTERVIEW] Sam Pilgrim and story about Haibike

Three days of rides on HAIBIKE with Sam Pilgrim in Losnij was just enough to change my mind about e-bikes! Sam with big, beamish smile on his face showed me how to use this machine, and I can’t lie…it was FUN as hell! Still sceptical? Let’s ask Sam!



Maja: Sam, e-bikes are still something new and unfamiliar for many. How do you cope with a lot of hate directed at you, after switching normal bike to e-bike?

Sam: It’s easy to cope with the hate because I’m having so much fun and I haven’t even switched completely, I still ride normals bikes too. The hate is actually fun, I quite enjoy arguments online, but its also fun to change peoples minds to. But in the end I really don’t care I just do stuff that i find fun, and e-biking is fun!!



Haibike_2018_Croatia_PSP (42 of 201)_preview



And what about your sponsors? Did they had any concerns about this change?

S: No, it makes no difference for them. In fact its probably better because the e-bike market is so huge I end up showing the products to different kinds of rider now!







Tell us something more about e-bike Haibike downhill 10.0. Will it be your main bike for this year? Or maybe you will also ride on enduro e-bike?

S: No, my main e-bike is the Haibike ALLMTN 10.0, we don’t have any places here in the UK that really need 200mm travel. I like the ALLMTN because its smaller and easier to do tricks on too. HAIBIKE also made me a dirt jump bike so I will be using that a lot too!




Are you planning to use the advantages of e-bikes in some special project anytime soon?

S: I work very hard on YouTube with 3 videos a week and they are all pretty special to me, so go to my channel and have a look 😉





Can you perform any trick on Haibike e-bike which is not possible on normal one?

S: Pedalling upstairs 😉 haha


Are there any limitations for e-bikes in freeride? Do you think that e-bike is a better choice for amateurs than normal downhill/enduro bikes?

S: I don’t think there are any limitations, obviously the bikes are heavier but as you have seen that doesn’t make a difference for me. The weight is exciting and different I really enjoy it. And as a beginner I think the stability of an e-bike would really help the learn process!

Haibike_2018_Croatia_PSP (10 of 201)_preview

What’s your plans for this season?

S: I will continue to make YouTube videos and I will also ride in some of the FMB world tour events, and if i get enough points you might see me at Crankworx! 🙂




Can you imagine the ‘e-bikes-only’ freeride competition in the future?

S: Maybe I will do it, then I will be the only competitor and it will be easy to win 😉


Thanks Maja <3

PC: @hdc_m


Check out Sam’s YT channel for some videos