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[INTERVIEW] – meet Elias Schwärzler

Meet this crazy and absolutely positive guy from Austria. We had a little talk about his plans for 2018 and what he sees as his biggest challenges.

“Cheers guys! It’s me Elias Schwärzler.
Wanna know what’s my plans for 2018 and what you will see from me in the future? Check out the interview!”


I have heard about you after watching “My dreamgirl” edit on YouTube. Was that movie a breaking point in your sports career? Did anything change after the launching of the edit?

Definitely! “My Dreamgirl” was my first big Videoproject – and I´m really happy how it turned out. I wanted to show, that I´m also a Pro Rider with good quality´s, style and creative Ideas. And the guy´s loved it, lot of views on YouTube and Facebook and all over a very positive Feedback from so many peoples. So I definitely have to say, that this was a breaking point in my career.


The first impression after scrolling through your Instagram account is that your style is almost identical like Fabio Wibmers. Do you ride together? Do you have any plans for any projects together? I’m interested if you are equally stoked on making movies as Fabio?

Fabio is my flatmate and we are doing most of the projects together. We are riding and filming together nearly every day. Our biggest plan for the future is to continue producing Videos for the Sick Series and enjoy riding and filming every single second. We love what we do and we are so proud, that you guys enjoy watching our projects


Tell us a little bit about Sick Series.

Sick Series is the sickest thing that happened to me ever. We are producing the Series since one year and we still enjoy filming and riding. It´s so cool to see that so many guy´s love what we do. Sick Series is not only a Video Series. It´s more a brand. If you want, you can be a part of the Sick Series Family with our own, custom made Merchandise. The hard work definitely paid off 🙂

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What are your plans for 2018 season? Filming projects or maybe racing?

There are big plans for 2018 🙂 All I can say is, that there will be a second part of My Dreamgirl and some secret projects. We will continue filming the Sick Series and at least I´ll ride some races. Focus is on filming and photo stuff, but I´ll definitely ride my home race, the European Cup in the Bikepark Brandnertal. Also some other EDC races and the Worldcup in Leogang are planned.

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What king of style of riding do you prefer the most? When you would like to go riding just for fun which bike do you choose?

I enjoy riding all the bikes, but in this case I´ll definitely take my Downhillbike. I´m a Downhillracer and it will always be my favorite discipline.


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