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Downhill24 Exclusive: Interview with Claudio Caluori

Claudio Caluori is well known for his great helmet cam track reviews. Today we catch up with Claudio Calurori to speak about his favourite tracks, beeing a Scott team manager and is enduro going to take over the downhill…


Claudio, you are someone special, and even more special for us, since our co-founder also builds trails. Do you think that this is  some kind of continuation of the love for the bike riding and the way to pass it on to others?

Really? Thank you!! Yes, that’s exactly what it is. There is nothing better than seeing children having fun on something we’ve built.


You are in many things at the same time now, however, I’m curious if people are more recognizing you as a person which builds the pumptracks for Velosolutions and comment rides or maybe still mainly as a rider and SCOTT manager?

I wasn’t that well known as a rider, and as a team manager, you are more working in the background, so people know me from the GoPro runs, the commentary at world cups and building pumptracks.

During commentating you are very natural and spontaneous saying exactly what is in rider’s head when he is looking at such difficult track (even though nobody admits it) I wonder how much time do you spend on training? Are there any special preparations our maybe it’s just pure skill?

I really don’t have time for training. But lots of the things I do keep me in shape. Bulding our pumptracks very physical, testing them out keeps my basic skills at a level, riding the world cup tracks with a GoPro keeps me excited. Only all that computer time and sitting in airplanes and airports does not really help to stay in shape. 

 Which of days in your career you recall as particularly special?

Well, you know, getting into it all was certainly special. The times when money didn’t matter. All that counted is the next jump. Spending winters in California, doing nothing but riding. Wow, writing this almost makes me cry. Good times! (it’s good times now too though, yeah baby!)

 Do you think the equipment have a significant impact on final result?

Certainly. But it’s still the rider that wins. The setup of his bike helps.


 And now the question about something about many people probably thinks. What are the chances for extending the Scott team with a female rider?

They are certainly there. Maybe when the UCI changes the schedule so we wouldn’t have to get up 2 hours earlier for the women’s training session. Haha, just kidding, – sorry. We might get a woman back on the team in the future. We’ll see!

What do you think about the enduro that is becoming more and more popular? Do you see this as a alternative for downhill? Do you think that more people will decide to change DH bikes for Enduro, like Steve Peat for example?

Downhill is where it’s at, it’s the pinnacle of our sport.  There is nothing that will challenge that. Enduro is super fun to ride, especially because you don’t always have to go find a lift. You can pedal up any mountain and then attack the trails. Don’t confuse things with Steve Peat: He’s retired from downhill racing after an incredible career, and he’s now adding some Enduro races because he’s passionate about riding and racing. He didn’t quit downhill racing for enduro racing. Same with many other former downhill racers.

 What are your plans for the future? 

To get a pump track to every kid in the world. To play guitar with Pearl Jam. To design a pump track with Bjarke Ingels. To become the first construction company and racing team that runs fully electric, and produce that electricity on our own. To develop sustainable, eco-friendly materials and methods for pumptrack construction. To build the first pumptrack on Mars with Elon Musk.

What are your dreams related to bike riding? 

Oh, I would love to be able to send proper 360’s!

And now some quick-fire questions: 

Favorite Bike Park? 


SCOTT favorite model?


Last 15h: Johannesburg-Zurich-Winterthur-Bikepark Chur, video shoot ? #bikeonscott

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Claudio Caluori (@claudiocaluori)

 Best pumptrack that you’ve built? 


Huge drops or technical sections? 


Favourite track?

Mont Sainte Anne

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