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Intend Forks – interview with CEO

Hi guys out there, this is Cornelius, founder and engineer of Intend Bicycle Components. Downhill24 wrote me to introduce myself and write the story behind this project – I’m glad to be able to do this.

This project started about 3 years ago. I started to combine existing parts of different forks, it was so much fun to play with bushings, seals, anodized tubes, air springs… after this I started to do my own fork, all of it should be engineered by myself. To be honest: this fork worked, but not that good as Fox or RS forks. So I did a new fork, Version 2. I didn’t want to do the mistakes of the first fork again, and this time it worked really well. In this time some guys wrote me “I wanna have one” and I found my first customer – this was amazing – there is one guy outside who would like to have one of my forks… AWESOME. Another guy wrote and became the second customer. So I did a small series of 3 forks. They are still running without any damage till now, this is 2 years ago.

This guys made photos of their bikes, the project began to raise. Then I did the third version of it and did a bigger (but even very very small) series, and all of this forks are riding till now.

I realized, that I want to do more forks, even lighter, bigger diameter of the tubes, even more stiffness.

I found two guys, who really helped me a lot. They both are called Marc, one is the guy behind the lathed parts, tubes, internals and one is the guy behind the milled parts, the crown and the dropouts. Without this guys who joined the project very early – it would never have been possible.


And then I started with the models which I have now, the “Edge” – a 166mm single crown version with 1900g, tapered steerer, 20x110mm steel axle, air spring, open-bath-damping system – and the “Infinity” – a 210mm double crown fork with 2330g, “no steerer”, 20x110mm steel axle, same open-bath-damping system. They are based on 35mm lower tubes, black hard-anodized, combined on 44mm uppers for the Edge and 45mm diameter for the Infinity.



I’m using Bio-Oil inside of the fork, it is from the german company “Danico Biotech”. As I heared this the first time,  I was  bit sceptical, but Adrian from Danico said “just try it out, Loic Bruni won the worldcup with this oil”. And I tried it out. I was flashed, this oil, smelling like salat oil, was the smoothest oil I ever used. I called Adrian and said: “I wanna have more of it”.


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This forks are really working awesome now. They are stiff (even stiffer that Dorado fork), durable, lightweight and made out of the best materials. The airspring system is plush and has just a slight progression in the end, where you really need it.

My teamrider Jakob Breitwieser made videos and great photos with Paul Köhler, a 16 years old guy here in Freiburg/Germany, who loves to make videos and does this like a pro, with 16 years… all of us played Lego at this time 🙂


And now the project starts to raise – it feels great reading the comments and seeing my babies on websites like this! THANK YOU 🙂