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INGRID crank CRS-L2 with INGRID chainring

The fully CNC machined crank INGRID CRS-L2 for single drive is perfect for Enduro and All Mountain bikes. 

The crank is home to some peculiarities, the crank arms are hollow for minimal weight and maximum rigidity. The classic profile was transported through the complex milling in modern times. Thus, the crank on the one hand is very elegant and restrained, and only at a second glance, especially in connection with the INGRID chainring sturdy and stable.
Whether a technical background or just the pure optics has played a role we do not know well, is interesting in any case, the bonded pedal eye. This is also available in different colors Eloxial. It is of course possible only if the crank arms hollow milling, whether it is an advantage to bond the arms so or will certainly show the future, as all others lengthwise. An advantage is, of course, these are easier to produce the various crank arm.

Technically the INGRID crank CRS-L2 is a single-crank with matching chainrings, which is equipped with its own teeth. Therefore currently only fit the chainrings INGRID specially prepared. What no disadvantage is absolute, since these chainrings are of excellent quality. Visually, the chainrings are a must-have at the INGRID crank. Here makes the in-house development noticeable.

For bearing shaft and crank recording there is not much to say that. Now usual 30 mm hollow shaft with star toothing and the crank bolts with integrated squeegee Simple, proven and technically sensible.

Technical specifications:

intended use : Cross Country, Marathon, Tour, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill
Material cranks: 2024 aluminum
Material Spider: none
Material crankshaft: Aluminium
Crankshaft diameter: 30 mm
Wavelength: 97 mm
Crank lengths: 170 / 172.5 or 175.0 mm
Chainring: 32 or 34 teeth
chain line : 49 mm
Q: 168 mm
Compatibility Bottom Bracket: BB30, Pressfit30
Compatibility chains: 10-speed , 11-speed
Driver Weight: not specified
Finish: anodized aluminum
Color: black, gold, red, blue, orange, green, purple

Weight: 566g (including crank shaft sprocket, chainring lockring, crankbolts.)

Delivery: crank arms, chainring, axle , chainring lockring, Spacer 

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