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[HOT NEWS] TYGU moves to Europe, David vs. Goliath

This year the first full cycling season of the TYGU brand is starting. It is worth looking at this closely and preset this young company with big ambitions.

TYGU saw the light of day in August 2017. Wojciech Tuleja and Maciej Tomaszek are
behind the project. Two enthusiasts of extreme cycling who decided to challenge big clothing brands and cycling accessories for the duel. The task seems to be very difficult, can a small company find its place on a difficult clothing market requiring a cyclist as a client? It’s worth taking a look at it.



The company operates in a small Polish mountain village but has global ambitions, ideas plus the Internet blurs the geographical boundaries, the only thing to do is to focus on good products and prepare for hard work.


Direct sales model

Wojciech, the owner, had no doubts that the direct sales model by the gotygu.com shop will guarantee a strong start, i.e. very attractive prices and direct contact with every user of TYGU products. Observing the market of bicycle manufacturers who are slowly moving into the direct sale model, this choice seems to be right. An important element for TYGU is the direct reception by the users who willingly participate and comment on the purchased products.
There are few companies that listen directly to cyclists, bring changes and ideas straight from the source. Today, most companies deal with over-inventing new standards among themselves at the instigation of extensive marketing departments not necessarily focusing on the simple needs of cyclists.

Bravo TYGU

The whole production is carried out in Poland and Asia, in factories with years of experience in the production of clothing for the extreme cycling and motocross.


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Collections, products

The range of products is wide and covers the following areas:
ROVER – for enduro lovers, PRIME – for downhillers, EVE – mtb clothing for women, KIDO – clothing for the youngest riders and PODIUM – professional MX goggles ready for DH and enduro.

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As you can see there is a lot to choose from, great recognition for the children’s collection, small children on the first balance bikes and a drive can finally do it safely and at the same time look great.
Each collection contain minimally several products in different colour options. Competitive, large brands certainly offer more models but in the case of TYG, it seems that the owners focused on the quality and good colour combination of entire collections. When it comes to the design, they are dealing with vivid colours and interesting paterns, but without graphic exaggeration. The designs seem more subdued than for example Troy Lee Design but they stay fresh and it’s hard not to notice them on the road.

Bestsellers, downhill and enduro

Noteworthy are a few products, first of all, decent bike park shorts from the PRIME
collection, made of strong polyester. It is in vain to look for a similar product on the market when all of the shorts are currently offered from rag materials.
For lovers of uphill and fashionable enduro, the ROVER collection will offer a great
combination of comfort and convenience. PODIUM goggles, here the approach without savings, for this price to get such goggles with a
double glass is unheard of. Another applause for large goggle frames and holistically well- made product.

Sales in Europe, the beginning of the way

From 2018, TYGU offers all its products for the residents of Europe, delivery prices at an equally attractive level as the products themselves, and gotygu.com accepts card payments and paypal. If you have questions or problems, the company responds quickly.

The future and new concepts

We have been informed that TYGU is constantly working on new products and prototypes. At the beginning of this year the prototype of enduro shoes was shown and currently in the shoppment there are goggles with double, glued glass. Unfortunately, we did not manage to get any winter or autumn clothing designs yet, but TYGU guys assure that they will be strong points in the catalogue of products for enthusiasts of mud riding and during colder days.

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Testing soon

Later this year, we will test for you several TYGU products, for sure the long-distance test will give us an insight into the quality of our products. We are waiting for the delivery and we are going to the forest routes right away.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed

All in all, there is nothing else but to keep our fingers crossed for TYGU and look carefully at them, looking at the pricing policy and projects we have a strong player on the clothing and cycling accessories market. A difficult task for a small company but I must admit that they started with a big swing. Reading the opinions of the social media, the first customers are satisfied and expect more products … and bargains.

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Make sure You follow TYGU profiles at:

TYGU offical fanpage  https://www.facebook.com/TYGUapparel/

Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/tyguapparel/

or TYGU website  https://gotygu.com/en/