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Hayes Dominion A2 / A4 Disc Brake

Press release:

Hayes Performance Systems introduces exciting additions to our award-winning Dominion A4 brake – the Dominion A2 and Dominion SFL. The Dominion A2 is aimed at the Cross Country and Trail crowd or the discerning rider looking for a lighter version of the A4.  Also new, a brake lever option specifically designed for riders with smaller hands, called the Dominion SFL. The D-Series rotor lineup now includes a 160mm D-Series rotor option.

Dominion A2 features a two-piston caliper, while utilizing proven technology from Dominion A4. Dominion A2 includes all the performance from the Dominion A4, utilizing a compact, two-piston caliper. The original Dominion master cylinder was designed to work with two or four piston calipers, delivering maximum performance and consistent lever feel in either setup.

The Dominion SFL is the ideal brake solution for any rider with smaller hands, or people that prefer a tighter ergonomic. Hayes’ product development team set out to engineer a brake system specifically designed for a smaller ergonomic profile. Dominion SFL maintains all the power and feel of our proven Dominion systems while accomplishing this by using a specifically designed smaller and narrower brake lever.  In addition to the current lever, Dominion SFL can be used in conjunction with either our Dominion A2 two-piston caliper or our Dominion A4 four-piston caliper.

In addition to our 180mm and 203mm D-Series rotors, we now offer a 160mm D-Series option.  All D-Series rotors incorporate our proprietary Modal Resonance Cancelation (MRC) and QuickBite² technology.  Noise and vibration are canceled out via MRC, translating into more consistent braking.  QuickBite² technology offers riders the shortest path to high performance, with fast, consistent and quiet burnish.  The result is predictable performance. All Dominion brake systems continue to incorporate several technologies, designed together to deliver the best feel and control possible: LoFi, Two-Stroke, Crosshair, Modal Resonance Cancelation (MRC) and QuickBite².

Hayes is confident in the durability of all hydraulic brakes we produce, standing behind them with a conditional Lifetime Leakproof Warranty. With optional lever sizes, two caliper choices and a new rotor size, Dominion now offers a brake that’s ideal for your mountain bike. To learn more about our Dominion collection, visit www.HayesDiscBrake.com.


Dominion A2 — 303g (90cm front system, hose, caliper, T106 pads, and caliper mount bolts)

Dominion A2 SFL — 301g (90cm front system, hose, caliper, T106 pads, and caliper mount bolts)

Dominion A4 SFL — 308g (90cm front system, hose, caliper, T106 pads, and caliper mount bolts)

D-Series Rotor — 130g (160mm) including fasteners


Dominion A2 (front or rear)                                  $229.99 MSRP // €235.00 RRP

Dominion A2 SFL (front or rear)                          $229.99 MSRP // €235.00 RRP

Dominion A4 SFL (front or rear)                          $229.99 MSRP // €235.00 RRP

D-Series Rotor (160mm, 180mm or 203mm)       $49.95 MSRP // €51.00 RRP