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Haibike Xduro Dwnhll Pro – Electric abomination or the future?

Haibike presented their new electric downhill bike Xduro Dwnhll Pro. We are still on the fence about Electric bikes. The popular opinion about them in the bike world has been rather negative. We stand behind the idea that you have to earn your rides down. Though it’s not an enduro bike so you wouldn’t be earning those anyway. The motor here should be treated more as a substitute to an uplift or a friend with a pickup track. Most of us won’t find use for it but it can be a nice niche product for people living in very remote places who think an uphillable enduro bike won’t cut it and they want to get to the top of their trail or are just looking to get to their dh track after the lifts are closed. The bike itself is rather interesting given the geometry is very modern with 63.5 head angle, 1252mm wheelbase on a medium and the specification features many proven downhill parts. Our only problems with the design are the rather low clearance under the bottom bracket and a VERY high weight of 24kg (It’s still low compared to other electric bikes)

Still it would be fun to check how a bike with the mass of a Banshee Scream but modern suspension and geo would work. Especially when it’s all concentrated in the center and the unsprung mass is low.

So if you live on a remote volcanic island, some other remote crazy place or just want to spend 8000 euro go to Haibike.de for more info.