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First Impressions – Trickstuff Direttisima

Introduction of a brand-new, 4-piston brake set produced by German manufacturer Trickstuff. Optically, it was ahead of it’s time, and nowadays, after prototyping and testing, it still is. Is it far ahead of it’s time?



No, not completely, as the Direttissima design is based on the pistons of the Cleg, which is known for it’s high stopping power. The Details: – Ergonomic lever design – 4-piston caliper – Minimized wear and tear – Large oil volume – 230g per Set, without pads – Price: 399 euros The Direttisima is supposedly attractive due to its increased braking power when compared to its peers, while still delivering a very nice level of playfulness.



But what’s written on paper isn’t always true on the trails, so we’ll make sure to get to the bottom of this claim. The weight of the Direttisima (as stated above) comes in at about 230g per brake set (caliper, lever, cable). Pads will add some weight to this, but nothing you should be to worried about. While the price may seem steep at 399 euros (they’re a lot more expensive than one of the most popular brake sets on the planet, the Shimano Saints), the quality of the finish and the intricate details in the work (all done by hand) have it’s price. So what makes it different to its predecessor, the Cleg?



Well, that change is under the hood – instead of DOT fluid, it uses mineral oil, which will be a welcome sight to the riders that don’t mind doing a little work on the bike themselves. Trickstuff offers fitting brake rotors and adapters for the Direttissima, but be warned – if you’re buying the full kit, you’ll need some deep pockets, as that will run you over 800 euros.





If it’s worth the money is something we’ll have to see in our extensive, long-term test, but one thing is sure – if you want something that will set you apart from the rider next to you in the gondola, this is what you “need”. While you can already order the Direttissima from Trickstuff, it isn’t listed in their shop just yet. A simple e-mail will put you on the list for these brakes, with production and distribution all handled from the same spot in Freiburg, Germany. So, time to see what these brakes bring to the table.

Keep your eyes peeled for our test results.

More on: http://www.trickstuff.de/de/

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