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Interview with Faustin Figaret from Radon Factory DH Racing


How long have you been racing? What are your top results?

I’m racing downhill since 10 years, including 4 years as a professional rider.¬†

My best results are 9th at Lourdes World cup, 14th at Andorra World Cup, 18th at Val di Sole World Cup, 3rd at French Championship, Winner of Oz en Oisans French Cup, Winner of Méribel French Cup.


What are your plans for upcoming season?

For the 2017 season, I plan to race all the World Cups, the French Championship and some strategics races like the BDS at Fort William.  

My main goal for the 2017 season is to always give all the best I have. I will take races one by one and race as good as I can. I mean for sure I’m looking for top results in¬†World Cup, but to me the result is just the reward of the job I will give.


How many bikes do you own?

I mainly ride 5 bikes. 

There is my DH bike the Radon Swoop 200, my enduro bike the Radon Slide 160 carbon, my road bike the Radon Vaillant, my XC bike the Radon Jealous and my Radon dirt jump bike.


Which one is your favourite?

That’s a really hard question because I have so much fun riding all of them ! It depends what I’m looking for.¬†

If I go for day of testing and timing on a rough track I will take my Swoop 200. On the opposite, when I go for a cardio training with my trainer, I use the Vaillant or the Jealous. The enduro bike is the one I ride with friends for fun, exploring some cool places, smashing turns and jumps stupid things ! When I go to the BMX track I rob my dirt jump bike.


Bike check of your world cup bike? How does it feel? Did you modify something? 

My World Cup bike is the one in picture. It’s a Radon¬†Swoop 200 in size L.

It’s a really good¬†bike, and I have a nice feeling on it. The bike is pretty light, working and looking good. The kinematic is classic but its¬†simple and efficient.¬†The top tube is quite long so I have a good¬†stability on fast parts, while the swing arm is short so it makes the bike very maneuverable in turns.

I didn’t change anything on it, it’s already such a nice bike. I just did my personal settings.


What is your favourite trail? 

In¬†general, it’s for sure Champ√©ry World Cup track. I’m sad that we have no more World Cup there.¬†This track is so good !¬†

If we only speak of the 2017 World Cup tracks, my favorite is Andorra.

Yes, I like steep and gnarly tracks ! 

Radon DH Team San Remo 2017
Radon DH Team San Remo 2017

Where do you train? 

Everything depends of what training I have to do. 

My parents are living near N√ģmes in south of France, the weather is really nice and it’s a really good playground. When I’m there I ride a lot my MX, my Dh bike and my enduro bike.¬†

I’m now living in Chamb√©ry with my¬†girlfriend, the weather is a bit more rainy or snowy but there is so¬†much things to do. In Chamb√©ry I’m doing BMX, gym, Nordic skis, road bike or XC bike.

2 or 3 ties in the winter¬†preparation¬†I’m doing¬†training camps. I travel to a place with the goal to spend a lot of time on my DH bike riding hard and rough tracks. I was in Queenstown last year and this year I decide to stay in¬†Europe so I moved to San Romolo Italia.¬†

Radon DH Team San Remo 2017
Radon DH Team San Remo 2017

Did you have any bad injuries in the past?

I’m really lucky, I had no bad injuries in the past. I really hope that it will stay like this in the upcoming seasons.¬†

Radon DH Team San Remo 2017
Radon DH Team San Remo 2017

What was the most unique place you have ridden your bike?

Queenstown was amazing to me ! What a place.. The tracks are so good and so different from one to another. Should I peak about the landscape?¬† It’s just too beautiful. Unreal !¬†

I’m never been to Whistler yet, but I’m looking forward to ride there for Crankworx this season.¬†


How often do you ride? Is riding your full time job? 

I ride every¬†single day a bicycle. It’s part of my job to train everyday, and I love it.

At the same time, I still¬†studying. I’m in the third year of a business school. I’m doing it in E-Learning, so I can¬†organise my time as I like and train in good conditions. It’s really important or me to have something else that my bike carrier. I really want to have a good¬†professional situation.¬†


How do you like your bike to be set up? Tire pressure, suspension, handle bars width etc? 

You know, settings are changing a lot according to the tracks. 

I like to ride a proper race bike. Basically, I like hard suspensions with soft tires pressure and an handle bar height pretty high. I like to ride a washer between my pedals and my cranks to make sure that my feets are not touching the frame. A high voltage of the rays makes me more precise and faster.

We are also working on some secret stuff, but I can’t speak about it now ! Sorry :).


Who do you think will win this years World Cup season? 

I can¬†easily see Loic Bruni be the man to beat this year but I¬†want to trust it and say : me.¬†It’s my goal since a long time and it’s what I’m working for during every single trainings.

picture credits : @radonfactorydhracing / @plonsracin