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DVO Emerald – Review

To get a little insight into the DVO forks, we reached out to our US partner Kody Clark, who has been testing the DVO Emerald lately, and let’s just say that he’s more than hyped about it. Check out his review below and leave your thoughts in the comments. 

“DVO is a company that is often overseen in the suspension market, with Fox and Rockshox being their only rival. However, DVO is hands-down the best fork I have ever ridden.”

“With their stand-out colors and their motocross appearance, the DVO Emerald rides as good as it looks. Unlike their competition, the DVO Emerald is an inverted style fork. Not only does this help the ride of the fork, it also helps the fork-seals last longer. On a regular style fork, the fork fluid sits in the bottom of the fork and has to work upward which isn’t the case in the Emerald, where the oil sits right on the fork seals at the top of the stanchions. This helps increase the life of the fork seals and even moreso, the fork guards will keep the stanchions clean from dirt and grime, which is one of the biggest nightmares to clean.”


“The DVO Emerald is also one of the most flexible on the market. You can watch the flex test video at the bottom of this write-up. The reason why this is so great is handling. When the bike is under pressure while taking the corner, the force of the body weight and bike weight will put pressure down on the suspension. The DVO Emerald will flex under the pressure and increase the handling by the bike, lengthening through the pressure. Opposed to a stiff fork like the fox 40 where the fork is so stiff that it will push the front end. This has the same effect over rough surfaces. The fork flex will adapt to the roots / bumps / rocks. Where a Fox 40 / Rockshox fork will be stiff causing a decrease in handling and an added risk of some OTB action.”

“To continue on the fork flex, this will also help your overall energy. As the fork flexes, your arms won’t get nearly as tired as with a stiff fork. Because the flex is adapting to the bumps in the trail. Imagine that it’s like a big truck going over a speed bump compared to a regular car. The truck has stiffer suspension and you can feel the speedbump. The car has more active suspension and adapts to the bump and you feel it a lot less.”

“The DVO Emerald, it has the looks and the technology which will increase your riding and your bikes performance.”

Editor’s note: We can’t wait to get our hands on the Emerald to test it out, but something tells us that Kody needs to eat a few more burgers. I myself weigh a 100kg+ and ride a Fox 40/DHX2 setup and it’s smooth as butter through rockgardens and roots. But hey, we won’t knock the Emerald until we try it. So check back soon.