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DeathGrip – a movie by Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough


Today began more than ten years ago when BRENDAN FAIRCLOUGH – one of the sport’s most influential riders and CLAY PORTER – one of mountain biking’s most experienced image capturers, became friends.

Now their vision for the future of the sport has emerged. The duo, born and raised worlds apart, have come together and this is their story… For the last two years, Fairclough and Porter have traveled to every inhabited continent on the planet with a simple goal: to show the world a new vision of mountain biking.

DEATHGRIP First Glimpse TEASER from Metis Creative on Vimeo.




Eric Palmer @afreakineric – Cape Town, South Africa


Boris Beyer - Madeira - @maddogboris

Boris Beyer @borisbeyer – Madeira, Portugal





Joined on this quest by a collection of the
most progressive and influential riders that this generation of mountain biking has to offer, Fairclough and Porter have embarked on an all-out
assault on the bleeding edge of the sports limits. Today, Fairclough and Porter are releasing the first glimpse teaser to this tale and officially
announcing their mountain bike film, DEATHGRIP – a relentless mission to challenge the limits of creativity, technology and the human potential.
DEATHGRIP is a creative oasis for Fairclough and Porter – a place where the raw expression of Fairclough’s riding ability is captured with the
most progressive filmmaking technology against the backdrop of the most visually engaging locations in the world.



@jacobgibbinsphoto – Madeira, Portugal

This first glimpse teaser offers a sneak peek behind the curtains, a first vision into what is destined to be the year’s most exciting film release.
DEATHGRIP will debut its world premiere in Fairclough’s home city of London, England in April 2017.




Boris Beyer @borisbeyer – London, England


The film will set sail on a global premier tour including a North American premiere at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, bringing DEATHGRIP to live audiences around the
world. The film is set for a global digital release on April 25, 2017 – the day before track walk of the first World Cup round of 2017.