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Czarna Gora Resort – New Bikepark in Poland

Czarna Góra Resort is situated in Śnieżnik mountain range in the south west part of Poland. It’s not very far away from country border which separates Poland and Czech Republic. Dowhill courses were a part of Czarna Góra as far as we can remember but there were only 3 hard downhill tracks which were not very popular, so the resort gathered funds and invested in an addition lift and hired ArekBikeCenter to create trails suitable both for organizing Polish downhill championships and family bike riding. All in all the resort has 3 ski lifts and some ski tapes but only the main two are running in the summer.

Only this year the resort got a new life into the bike trails. With the help of ABC (Arek Bike Center – more below) builders and our own CEO – Artur Kołodziej – the resort will have 12 fully ridable and professionally built tracks. As the resort has two lifts working in the summer, the courses are equally divided amongst them. The courses are varied from family lines, dual lines, dirt line, some very hard downhill lines and even a e-bike friendly one. An additional feature is the kids arena with its own: pump track, north shore, and a few bike lines as well. The official opening of the new Czarna Góra bike trails will be held on Saturday and Sunday, the 6th and 7th of July.

On the grand opening apart from tons of riding there will be held some shows, exhibitions, trainings, competitions. For those not riding or after ride there will be a craft beer festival and some food trucks for regeneration. Moreover there will be a party with the radio Eska Summer City.

AREK BIKE CENTER is a young, still growing company, fully integrated with Polish cycling scene. As the name implies, we want to create a unique “CENTER” of the cycling world in which we will be participating all together, maybe with you! Our project is based on many elements: Arek Bike Center is everything a cyclist can dream of: a well-equipped bike shop, stationary and online, one of the best known cycling schools in Poland, having experience in working with cyclists at all levels as well as bicycle camps held in beautiful nature sceneries (not only in Poland) also professional design and execution of cycling routes, tracks and bike parks. Here are some pictures of our team while working and creating the trails: