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Colorful ride by Ludo May – backstage

Do you remember Colorful Ride by Ludo May? We got in touch with Ludo and got great backstage photos by Noco Falquet. We’ve got few words from Ludo too!




I started riding my bike from a young age and I always bought some magazines, later on when I was 12 I did few cross country races but I was just interested in downhill. When I was 15 I started racing downhill and a year later enduro. I did both for few years and for 4 years now I am only racing enduro. Ludo



In 2013, with a friend we’ve decided to start this serie « Ludo et son vélo » my friend Nico Falquet did a lot of original films in the skiing industry. So we’ve decided to do the same: some original movies! That’s why we’ve tried something new that hasn’t been done in mountain biking. Ludo

drone-ludomay-1 bleu-ludomay

Ludo is ridding Canon Strive.

Ludo’s Movie