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Cedrig Garcia leaves Santa Cruz

Here some info from CG:

“I’m Cedric Gracia, and this is me speaking from my heart to say thank you.

Thank you @santacruzbicycles for what is almost a whole life with who have been really true to me in the good and especially in the bad moments. You began being my friends and turned out to be a big, massive family, and that in itself is a tremendous thing. Be sure that I will miss every single one of the Santa boys; without you I would never be who I am today.

Rob Roskopp, you’re more than a brother, you’re an idol to me and this will remain for ever. I’ve loved all my time in there and in fact never felt this as a job. You know this is perhaps one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to take, but I’m an entrepreneur and so I have to fly again.

Today is time to say goodbye, but goodbyes suck so I’d rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.”