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Red Bull Joyride 2016 – Video

Joy Ride

Canada’s Whistler Mountain Bike Park once again provides the perfect amphitheatre for the staging of the world’s best slopestyle contest. Drawing the biggest crowds of any freeride competition, the pressure to perform at the Boneyard is greater than anywhere else in the world. The Diamond series event is also part …

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[video] Remi Thirion home trail – Commencial


In between World Cups, Remi likes to return to his home soil, his trails, his forest… It’s his favourite playground, slope and dirt, which is everything he needs to express himself. This video is a reflection of Remi’s character – calm and collected in life and explosive on the bike, …

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Jaws – The Road Gap


“Bartek “Jaws” Krzyszton Mountainbike freerider. Tattooist. Trail builder. Love to do some crazy things on my bike and send some stuff.”   “The road gap. 10 yrs ago my dad found this gap and showed to me. It always reminds me Tyler Klassen’s gaps from Kranked 5. Legend. Since that …

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Renegades of MTB, The Athertons and Nico Vink ULTIMATE RENEGADES

Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-24 o 16.31.30

Renegades of MTB, The Athertons and Nico Vink #ULTIMATERENEGADES with Jeep Renegade Continue the Renegade Journey here – https://mpora.com/jeep-ultimate-reneg… [Adsense-A] Presenters Tim and Gendle track down the Ultimate Renegades of Mountain Biking. Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton and Rachel Atherton tell us what it takes to become a #ULTIMATERENEGADES with Jeep …

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Chain Vs. No Chain | MTB Testing


Chain Vs. No Chain | MTB Testing Chain vs no Chain. Is Chainless slower? The boys test Gwins winning method at the SRAM Test Track in Mijas. [Adsense-A] 2016 saw Aaron Gwin snap his chain out of the gate at Leogang world cup and go on to win the race. …

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Raindrops on the Moon – Sorge, Agassiz and Kelly

Raindrops on the Moon

As an Enduro World Series racer, Cody Kelly may seem like an odd companion to Graham Agassiz and Kurt Sorge but he more than held his own as they “devirginised” some fresh lines in William’s Lake, Canada. Ladies and gentleman, we bring you Raindrops on the Moon! Unfortunately Aggy broke his hand early on this …

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NWD Greatest Hits – Simmons


[AdSense-A] NWD New World Disorder is the name given to a series of popular freeride mountain-biking movies produced by Freeride Entertainment. The series has filmed several movies; the first of which, New World Disorder I released in late 2000 was a great success, and it proved itself to be one …

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[VIDEO] Escape the Rush

Escape the Rush

No words needed. Escape the Rush and…just go biking! Small edit with Filip Kołodziej from BiP Family and his Mazda CX-5. It’s a very good combination, or am I wrong? See also little “Behind the Scenes” of ths video.  

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Cheshire’s Finest with James Purvis – Propain Dirt Zelvy

Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-23 o 14.09.27

[Adsense-A] Cheshire’s Finest with James Purvis – Propain Dirt Zelvy. Check out PDZ young gun James Purvis leave his home in the North East behind and sample some of the world class dirt Cheshire has to offer. Accompanied by Doritos, Muffins and the occasional face full of dirt. facebook.com/caldwellvisuals. Track …

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Destination Trail: Jackson Hole WY


[AdSense-A] Destination Trail is a series that follows riders as they travel the globe, hunting for its greatest trails. Some of what they find might be renowned, some undiscovered, but that’s the point. When expectations and attitudes are stripped away, only the essence of mountain biking remains. This is where adventure …

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