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BYB Telemetry: the professional telemetry system for MTB

BYB Telemetry is the world’s first professional universal telemetry kit for mountain bikes. It detects the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of the MTB while riding. It allows visualizing the movement of the suspension, in order to base the setting on quantitative information instead of feelings. BYB …

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[REVIEW] Ghost FR AMR 6.7

Is the fashion for race only enduro bikes finally ending? Are casual riders fed up with uncompromising beasts that can be fully appreciated only by a few of the best who are always racing? People who cherish standard mountain rides ride “trail” bikes. What about riders who want to feel …

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Propain Spindrift 2019 – even closer to perfection

A few days ago the German Propain Bikes showed the world their facelifted 2019 Spindrift. At first glance, it’s the same as this one since 2016, but some important details have been improved, which we have paid attention during our first and final review. If you haven’t read them yet, …

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[REVIEW] Dartmoor Blackbird Evo 2018 enduro bike test – PL+ENG

PHOTO: Ewa Kania / @pstryKANIA RIDERS: Jakub Kocjan @jestemjk and Maja Micherda @mvjkv_m TEXT: Jakub Kocjan with Maja’s comment [PL] W nasze ręce trafił tegoroczny flagowiec enduro polskiej marki Dartmoor, mowa tu o modelu Blackbird Evo. Sam producent twierdzi, że to bezkompromisowy rower do enduro, więc wybór miejsca testów nie …

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