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[REVIEW] Zator Wheel Bag

I finally decided to buy a wheel bag for my spare downhill wheels. I was tired of the mud, thrash bag that were tearing every other day etc. I found the Zator site on google. The price was more than right so I finalized my purchase thinking: may the wheel …

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Aaron Gwin Vallnord crash :(

Unfortunately Aaron will miss the next WC at Les Gets… How you get back fast! View this post on Instagram Well here’s what ended the weekend for me. Had been brushin this tree every lap but got a little off balance in the dust and nailed it. This was last …

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[REVIEW] OneUp EDC System

Preview: One Up Components became known for their parts for adding some extract teeth to the cassettes. And for the EDC Tool System. EDC stand for Every Day Carry. The system may comprise of: – small multi tool with a chain device added – additional jabber plug and plier kit …

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Raw laps at Morgin Bike Park with Vinny T in “Nothing in Between”

The winter season is well and truly over, the last snow is melting under the sun of the Portes du Soleil resort, leaving room for the tracks of the 5 interconnected Bikeparks. Vinny T headed to the Bikeparks of Champéry Morgins, representing the Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil. …

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New Laufey is our most clever and versatile bike. Instead of saying that new Laufey is tailored for one type of rider, we’re going to go ahead and claim this fun-loving machine is perfect for everyone. Laufey is omnipotent: it’s a slack, simple trail bike that relishes new terrain. It’s …

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