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New MTB Apparel From 100% – Interbike 2016


100% is expanding their reach into the mountain bike world for 2017 with the launch of their new line of apparel that was developed with input from the Giant Factory Off-Road team. There are three different collections, the R-Core, which is the downhill line, along with the trail / all-mountain …

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Ride 100% introducing new mountain bike apparel


Discover the next phase in premium mountain bike gear. Ride 100% is proud to introduce a new collection of riding apparel to expand an already impressive lineup of bike products.   The focus was to design and develop a line of technically advanced riding apparel purpose built for your ride. …

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[Video & Photo] Test Gogli FOX AirDefence

FOX AirDefence

Przetestowaliśmy gogle FOX AirDefence. Naszą platformą testową do gogli Fox AirDefence był kask POC Coron, rower Banshee Darkside, testerem Artur Śliwa, a na miejsce testów wybraliśmy Międzybrodzie Żywieckie i tamtejszy popularny Żar. Cała heca odbyła się na świeżutkiej trasie która okazała się niemal idealną. Jak to wyglądało? Świetna pogoda, pełne …

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Santa Cruz V10 650B

Marcin Bialas Photography

Santa Cruz V10 650B – Bike Check!   Way before carbon age came, in 2009 World Championships, Steve Peat took a win on one of a kind, custom made, alloy Santa Cruz V10. Back then it was commonplace for bike manufactures to make one-off custom bikes for their pro riders. …

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FOOG WEAR – not just for men


Polish mountain bike fashion is still in the developing stages. This means we’re very dependant on our distributors – this is what you get and that’s it. For men, there are plenty of choices when it comes to colors, designs and brands. For women that’s an entirely different story, but …

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[PL] FOX Air Defence – first look Gogli

Air Defence

Fox Air Defence to flagowy przedstawiciel rodziny gogli spod znaku FOX, te świetnie wyglądające gogle z lustrzaną szybą prezentujemy Wam właśnie teraz.   Szeroka ramka wykonana jest z przyjemnego w dotyku, giętkiego ale sprawiającego wrażenie solidnego trójkolorowego tworzywa o półmatowym wykończeniu, całość w modnej, agresywnej kanciastej stylistyce, zaopatrzona w wygodną …

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Tech Day: Santa Cruz V10C – part #3

Santa Cruz V10C

Last week we started our bike maintenance on the Santa Cruz V10C. Let’s start the next step! 1. Wheels: Dirty wheels were placed directly in the truing stand where they were cleaned and centered as much as possible. The rear rim contains many dents and it will never be straight, so work …

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First Impressions: TSG Advance


If there’s one thing that all freeriders and gravity riders need to be doing, it’s protecting their head. Nowadays, it seems like every bigger bike company out there has a line of helmets and almost all push for  innovation in one form or another.  While the TSG Advance may look …

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Santa Cruz V10C – bike maintenance – part #2


Last week we start our bike maintenance. Let’s start next step! Cleaning and lubrication 1. Drivetrain: It’s good to have Cleaning should use the appropriate agents, eg. extraction naphtha. You should also obtain the most ordinary toothbrush, which, thanks to a fairly long hair and small size allows for thorough …

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POC Coron – First Look – photo/video

POC Coron

The POC Coron. It’s clean, straight-forward, elegant and interesting. Fans of a clean, sterile look will like the Coron from the first touch (or look). Is this a good thing? We’re not sure, but I can be sure of one thing – this solution, to call it that, hits home. …

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