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Weeze The End Carbon – after two years of use


Two years ago I decided to buy the carbon-fiber Weeze The End chainguide. I was not sure if spent money will pay back as a reliability and strength  of the carbon fiber. My concerns were  mainly focused on the way how does carbon fiber chaingude stand up to many hard …

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Explicit motion – Make your biking videos better!

Explicit motion – Make your biking videos better!

You like mountain bike videos, don’t you? We love them! There are many great ways to create unique shots: drones, steadi cams,  gimballs, spider cams, cranes or VIDEO SLIDER! Explicit Motion is a new generation of video sliders, which offers portability and perfect workflow even in crazy terrain like downhill …

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[PL] Kask Bell Full 9 carbon – “first look”


Dzięki uprzejmości Shimano Polska – dystrybutorowi produktów Bell Bike Helmets, mamy okazję przetestować dla Was całą serię produktów tego amerykańskiego potentata. Na pierwszy “rzut” poszedł topowy model Bell Full 9, czyli lekki (1050g) kask full face do zastosowania w najcięższych odmianach kolarstwa górskiego jakim są Enduro i Downhill.  Testujemy 2 wersje kolorystyczne Full “dziewiątek”. …

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Less to get more? New Shimano shifting chainrings.


Text made by Tyler Benedict from bikerumor.com If the recent silent freehub design we found is any indication, Shimano is looking at ways to reduce noise, friction and drag in some creative ways. And perhaps this chainring design, which we found in yet another patent application from the drivetrain giant, …

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First case of mechanical doping in cycling!


Up until this point, the idea of mechanical doping has been dismissed by most as hilariously preposterous. Not the idea that the concept exists, but the fact that any pro would ever dare to attempt it. Products like the Gruber, now Vivax Assist that hide an electric motor inside the …

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Shovel – light weight chainguides from Croatia

DH carbon

Shovel is a small company, residing in Croatia, EU. Our initial production are chainguides, but we are now releasing chainrings, and some pretty exotic stuff. Basically, our goal is to develop products, without any compromises. Industry is going in weight fight, and therefore, all unnecessary weight is removed from our …

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Shovel One25 – 125g !


One25 is the new name for our DH ultimate chainguide.  As you can see it, this one is in clear sky blue color.  With 125 grams in weight, Titanium hardware, reverse C design for 55 seconds mount time, makes this the most efficient chainguide on the market.  Designed for shredding! …

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New 106g – MRP SXg chainguide


Since 1997 we have been producing chain guides with innovations that have driven a market and drivetrain trend still to this day with the 1x systems. MRP has some exciting new product news on the latest chain guide to hit the market in the link below. Although specialising in Chain …

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KRKprotection goodness

krk - foto

Few weeks ago we got the shipment with goods from KRKprotection. We split the goods between few lucky admins who will test the product. We had just one purpose, to test what polish manufacturer can bring to the market…

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