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[REVIEW] Fox Launch Pro D3O Elbow Guards

Riding for a number of years I got through a lot of different body protectors. Short knees, long knees, full jackets, back protectors. But as for elbow protectors I did ride in only one pair for a decade. Why? Because they were the only ones that did not slip from …

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Orbea Rallon 2020

Press release: ORBEA’S SUPERLATIVE RALLON UPDATED FOR 2020   Enduralin – It’s the difference between the tentative first go of the year and the ripping third lap of a midsummer day. It’s the ease of knowing your suspension is dialed. It’s a boost of confidence, speed and control when a …

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[REVIEW] OneUp EDC System

Preview: One Up Components became known for their parts for adding some extract teeth to the cassettes. And for the EDC Tool System. EDC stand for Every Day Carry. The system may comprise of: – small multi tool with a chain device added – additional jabber plug and plier kit …

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New Laufey is our most clever and versatile bike. Instead of saying that new Laufey is tailored for one type of rider, we’re going to go ahead and claim this fun-loving machine is perfect for everyone. Laufey is omnipotent: it’s a slack, simple trail bike that relishes new terrain. It’s …

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NEW ORBEA OCCAM: ARE YOU THIS RIDER? Do your top routes frequently involve pushing up and down trails that aren’t on any map? Do your favorite rides begin or end with headlamps, an ice chest and great friends? Do your friends ask if you intend to ride the chairlift when …

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